How To Watch A Horse Race To Pick Future Winners For Betting

looking through binoculars

Watching horses for future winners


Unfocused your eyesight sight and look around the whole field for a moment.

This will help you recognize racehorse's on the run, either moving ahead or going backwards! This strategy assisted me to see horses moving very fast arriving out of the backstretch while others just didn't see them until they were moving by the rest of the pack along the rail. Realizing when a runner starts its surge forward can also tell you a lot about their style of running and under what circumstances they are likely to run for their best advantage.

DON'T just observe the selection you have bet on in the race.

Obviously this is natural when viewing a race quickly, but you do not want to end up having to ask yourself "What happened?" if several other runners come past in front of yours right before the winning line when you thought your horse had it in the bag.

Keep looking at the whole pack not just the leaders.

Another mistake, particularly when viewing on TV or a computer, is to look at the front of the pack. Many races are transmitted on TV with a divided display offering a close-up taken of the head of the pack and a broader shot of the whole pack. While it can certainly be mesmerizing to look at a number of front runners battle it out, maintaining your sight around the whole pack will help you spot any horse making a move.

Don't get bogged down in the hype horses.

Another typical situation is that all the focus is on the big hyped up favourite in a race, and if that horse flops, you will forget the actual real activity. By getting caught up in the buzz, you will miss the true story unfolding.

Pay special interest to the turn.

On the turn into the home straight is where to the best part most races are won or lost, for a wide range of reasons. You can gain a lot from viewing the choices a jockey makes about how and where to place the horse. Some race tracks have a more much longer straight than others. On some of the shorter straights a horse might run out of room.

Learn the colours of the jockey's silks.

What is beneficial about the jockey's colours is that sometimes the only distinguishing thing you can see in a bunched up pack is a glimpse of the jockey's silks (and not even the number!). In these cases understanding that red is #3 or yellow-colour is #4 can really help you to determine who is who.

Try to observe the jockeys helmet colour.

Like seeing a glimpse of the jockey's silks sometimes the only factor you can really see in a pack up of horses is the headgear colour. Of course this does not help if they all have white-colour helmets!

Do not be hard on yourself if you don't grasp race reading after just one or two races as it is not easy! You can always observe replays, something we'll discuss more about soon.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing. You can get my selections by visiting


How You Can Start To Make A Profit From Horse Racing Tipsters

The profits of what many gamblers expect from a tipster is way off from what is actually possible and this can be the cause of the gambler messing up as much as it is the mistake of the tipster.

The objective of this article is to try and clear up some of the misunderstandings, help you to set genuine objectives and actually make money by using tipsters.

When you subscribe to a racing tipster you have to carry a lot more to the table than the tipster does. Supposing the tipster is successful, and he is giving you the right selections. But what they can't offer you is the attitude, bank roll and learning from experience.

Here is what you must offer...

1. A bank roll you can manage to lose
2. Commitment for a lengthy enough time to mathematically figure out whether they make money or not
3. A knowledge that the right attitude is needed to bet profitably
Let's go through the actions you need to take. I will believe that you have already invested time doing analysis into various tipsters, and established one that you believe is sincere and successful. Don't do this using on results from a few days, you want at least several months of selections to examine.

Before you start to bet on the selections these are the factors that you MUST consider

How much bank roll can you manage to lose?

Set aside a sum of cash and then add to it the price of a 3 month membership to a racing tipster service. Be honest with yourself. If it is going to create problems if you lose this cash then it is too much to risk. It is essential to not get effected emotionally in losing this cash.

How much should you bet on the selections?

Usually a tipster provides you with guidance on how many sections to divide your bank roll into. I would recommend that you choose to do this on your own! Just because a tipster is relaxed with a certain level of staking, does not mean that you are. Your scenario is absolutely different to a tipster, and they have been making money from gambling for a lot more time and so have a lot more experience than you.

Look at all the horse racing tipster's results and figure out the greatest losing run so far.

Keep in mind that this is the greatest losing sequence so far. There can always be a longer one. To be on the safe side I would recommend you double this losing run and make this that the least amount of units in your betting pot for gambling. For example if the greatest losing run was 25, then I would divide my bank roll into 50 units.

Now split your total bank roll by the quantity of units your bank roll will be created of. E.g. if your total bank roll total is 500 and you have a 50 unit bank roll then you would be gambling 10 per bet. Are you relaxed with this amount? Are you going to want to be gambling more? Can you adhere to the tipsters selections if you have lost 50% or 60% of your betting bank?

If you are not satisfied with any of these questions then you need to re-assess your bank roll.

How much are you anticipating making?

If you are anticipating starting with 500 and going full time within a few weeks then I would recommend you quit gambling now. This is just not possible. Your objectives must be realistic. If, over a period of three months or a few years, your picks are creating more than 10% revenue, then you are doing well.

Starting with a 500 bank roll and putting 10 wagers, this means that if our tipster is providing us 3 bets a day we are gambling around 900 monthly. If we are creating 90 or more revenue monthly then we should be satisfied. Anything above this should be regarded a extra.

After all you will be increasing the money in your betting pot every six months, do you know any other way of doing that?

An unrealistic profit expectation is one of the greatest negative points for a lot of gamblers. They are anticipating hitting 10/1 or greater priced winners every day. This will not occur.

Are your ready to try the tipster for a reasonable long period of time?

Statistically, trying a horse racing selection service for less than 3 months is not worth it. You will not have had enough details to actually figure out whether or not the tipster's choices are successful.

All tipsters go through upswings and downswings. The time interval of these last can differ. By stopping using a service after a couple of weeks you are not getting enough details to figure out how the losing run was doing without understanding whether the winning runs are going to protect your failures and generate enough revenue.

Gambling goes in up and down in cycles. Any tipster profit/loss information will contain highs and lows. You have to go through enough of these periods to be able to figure out if the revenue periods over-shadow the losing periods.

Are you ready to lose with of a lot of your bets?

This is perhaps the most challenging emotional step to accomplish in successful gambling. Just because you aren't getting more winners than losers does not mean you aren't creating revenue.

A tipster with a very great successful amount of winners may win 30% of their wagers. It is much more regular for a tipster to win between 20% and 25% of their wagers.

If a horse racing tipster is successful in 20% of their wagers then they are dropping 80% of them! Read that again. If a tipster is successful in 20% of their wagers then they are LOSING 80% of their wagers.


I have put that phrase in capital letters because it is one of the most significant factors you will ever comprehend. Just because you have lost 10 wagers in a row does not mean that the tipster will not be successful by time you have completed your preliminary 3 month trial run.

Do you realize you are becoming a member of tipster service at the start of a losing run?

Most tipsters promote and advertise their service when they are doing well. Of course, this is when punters want to get their selections. However the winning run is followed by a down swing. If you join a tipster when they are promoting the service on an upswing, then you have also registered them at the beginning of a down swing.

You need to recognise that when join a tipster you could get several weeks of bad results. There is nothing you can do about this; it is just how the industry performs. If you have done your analysis on the tipster, and followed everything in this article then you have nothing to fear because you are going to be getting their choices for several weeks whatever happens.

You now have some of the top advice about how to profit using a tipster. You must take all of this into consideration when assessing how a professional tipster performs.

We all want to create immediate income. Unfortunately it is just a dream. You cannot earn cash without hard work and even when using a horse racing tipster you still have to know how to perform. As you get more experience you know how effective gambling performs, being regimented in your strategy, knowing what returns you should anticipate and not performing on emotions are the keys.

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Create The Habit Of Taking Daily Action To Achieve All Your Gambling Goals

postive quote 1

The key to becoming a success at gambling or any other activity is hidden behind a four letter word known as "WORK". When you take action every day to reach your gambling goals you will become unbeatable.

Daily direct activity will propel you towards any achievement that you want in gambling and life.

To demonstrate the value of taking action, I often show a wad of notes from my gambling winnings during my training seminars and ask if anyone wants the cash. Individuals all put up their hands right away, screaming for the money.

I keep the cash in the air duplicating the question, until someone understands the objective of the lesson and gets of their butt and comes up to collect the cash.

I then ask "What did the individual, who now has the cash do that no-one else, did? Everyone at the training session yells at same time that "They took action".

That is exactly what you need to do if you want to be successful at anything.

I often see people with who have great skills and abilities, with ambitions and goals, yet they accomplish very little. The reason for this is because none of them commits to taking activity every day

I am sure that you are like most individuals out there, who see amazing possibilities, you have goals and ambitions and you know that you should take activity to achieve them.

But you stay stuck in a position where you do nothing, because you doubt yourself or you are scared. I am here to tell you that, dealing with a new venture is scary and complicated but the benefits are well worth it

When I started out at making money from horse racing I had none or very little first-hand information. I had no coaching or knowledge. I have always just thrown myself into things and use the earn while you learn approach to life. Do not let lack of knowledge put you off starting your professional gambling career.

If you want to get to the top though you need to have a plan to get you started in horse racing and take the first step. Once you have started that first phase, just keep taking daily activity. This will take you to phase two then a third phase and so on. You will then gradually achieve your gambling goals in next to no time.

Take positive activity every day and you will gradually accomplish anything. You need to jump in and take action now. This is all that is needed then goal is possible.

Paul Coleman runs a Horse Racing tipping service. You can here

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Bets That Bookmakers Hate To Take

Bets that bookmakers hate to take

Take a look around your local high street bookmakers and you will notice what sort of bets they want you to place with all their glossy advertising. Lucky 31s, Goliaths, 49s, Canadians Yankees, Irish Lottery. Any bet that the bookie is trying to offer you has mug imprinted all over it. If it's an excellent bet for him, it's bad for you. Here are a few bets that in my opinion are useful if you want to come out ahead in the betting game.

Each Way Double

For those in the know, a smartly placed each way double on two well-fancied 5/2, 9/4 or 2/1 shots is a bookmaker's headache. Furthermore, each way on the second or third favourite in an eight-runner non handicap race when the favourite is odds-on is a catastrophe for the bookie. Many of these horses are nailed on for a place so it's a bet to nothing and an awesome pay-out if both horses win.

Lucky 15

Lucky 15 multiple bets have a reputation as a mug bet. But Lucky 15 bets can be a useful wager to beat the bookie when used in the right situations. A Lucky 15 Bet is 4 selections with full cover. This means that all the multiple bet options are covered. So the 15 bets are 4 single win bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one four fold accumulator.

You should always note the terms for your Lucky 15 bets. Most bookies are offering double the odds for only one winner. If you shop around and you will very often find triple the odds for one winner. This means you'll get three times the odds should only one of your selections win. Some of the independent bookmakers will often offer triple the odds such Bet Fred.

Win Singles on football matches

Not so long ago you couldn't place win singles on soccer matches with bookmakers. A win single on teams playing at their home ground can be another useful bet to beat the bookie. A win single bet is a bet placed on just one selection or market, allowing you to earn some profit by guessing just one match correctly. Because they feature higher winning percentages than accumulator bets, single bets are recommended by all betting experts as the safest way towards long-term profit

Each way single on horse racing

This is two bets in one, and costs double the unit stake. For example 10 pounds Each Way will cost 20 pounds. The first part of the bet is a win single. This part of the bet must come first. The second part of the bet is for the horse to get placed second, or third, sometimes forth as well. The amount of places on offer is determined by the amount of runners, and the odds paid are a quarter or fifth of the full odds, which also is determined by the amount of runners. I like this bet because if your horse only gets placed you get some of your stake money back. It is a slow methodical way of betting and at the same time securing your betting bank.

Paul Coleman runs a Horse Racing tipping service. You can join here

Four Golden Rules To ensure A Winning Horse Racing System

Four Golden Rules To Ensure A Winning Horse Racing System

Let's face it, no one places a wager because they want to get rid of their money do they? Now I know that may be stating the obvious somewhat, but the way many individuals bet you would think that it was their aim.

Although the game of horseracing is interesting, as a gambler you need to quit gambling for the enjoyment value of the game, and adhere to a four phase strategy that will allow you to create a useful earnings flow from gambling.

1. Sticking to Your Horse Racing method is A Must

So what do I mean by this exactly? Well, whether you use a racing tipster, gambling application or you select your own wagers, you need to select your bets, back them and then quit.

The main factor that you should do is not to chase your losses by putting on more bets, or increasing your staking levels, this is a large error that many novice gamblers make.

Equally, you should not heap on more cash in an attempt to win more, as you need to make your gambling like a financial investment. To not do so is fatal. It is also very essential to add here that if your gambling method does not emphasize a bet on a given day, then you should have the self-discipline to keep your cash in your wallet.

If you have a strategy from the beginning and stick to it, you will secure yourself from creating the essential faults that a lot of gamblers do.

Something that I discuss to a lot of gamblers is to start acting like a pro-punter. It is known that implementing a more targeted mind-set will help you creating better choices, rather than having the haphazard strategy that most betting shop gamblers have.

Being targeted and expert about your gambling may not appear at first to be a fun factor to do, but it works. And it's no fun to keep losing so I know which technique I would rather choose.

2. Using a Betting Pot Is Very Important

This guideline actually follows the first one quite perfectly, as it can be the first sensible phase in implementing a more targeted and expert mind-set to gambling on horseracing.

One factor that you should never do is bet with cash that you cannot manage to lose. Economically it is just not very sensible, plus it will also mean that you're gambling will no more be determined by your racing system or your gambling program, but instead they will become intensely affected by your feelings, which furthermore is covered in the next guideline.

The expert way to bet is to look at how much you can begin securely gambling with, no matter how big or little that may be, and to make your betting pot based on that. So in reality and just to highlight this very essential factor, this is basically a sum of cash which you could, in the toughest situation, manage to lose.

It is far better to begin with even a very low betting bank, and to bet very little levels to begin with, secure in the understanding that you are gambling within your means, than it would be to possibly leave yourself short or take a loan for the requirements of gambling.

Of course, as you become more effective in your wagers, so your betting pot develops and allows you to bet more cash per stake on your given racing system selections, but do not run before you can walk.

3. Do Not Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

I do hope that you can see a sensible sequence here. First of all you have a strategy. Then you need a set sum of cash set aside to perform your strategy. The purpose that the first two are essential fundamentals is that if done effectively, they will stop your emotions that could impact your gambling.

Once your emotions begin having a say in your racing selections, you begin to make bad choices, I kid you not.

To confirm this go to a bookie and just take a look at the individuals there. Do they seem happy? The truth is that many gamblers do not bet with a strategy or a gambling betting bank, but they place bets on horses because of the name of the jockey, or even worse, backing a horse because their last bet lost and they are trying to chase their losses.

This is not the way to do it and again, it may not be too difficult, however the amount of betting shop punters gambling like this each day would run into countless numbers I would think, so do not drop into this same pitfall.

Losing runs are an inevitable aspect of horse racing and so you need to create a practice of not enabling it hassle you. You need to have trust in your given system selections, enabling feelings to interfere with your gambling is not the way to do it. Adhering to the strategy, remaining targeted and not worrying, is the way to do it.

4. Keep a History of Your Bets

I would think that this is something that most individuals do not do and yet it is so easy, as all you need is some time and a note pad.

Keeping a history of your wagers is so essential, as you need to know how you're betting is developing. Once again, its treating betting like any other business that will set you apart from most punters, the ideal, effective gambler who goes about his betting in an established way will get ahead of the casual gambler that you see in the betting shops (as described above).

To keep a record of your bets all I do is note the time, the horse, the racetrack and the result. Do not ignore of course to write down how much money you staked and what odds the horse was, and that's it. These rules are all you need really.

You Have No Excuses Now

And there you have it. These four guidelines are the foundation to your achievements when gambling on horse racing. And as you can see, it needs little effort to do so there is really is no purpose why you cannot do this.

Paul Coleman is a professional horse racing form expert and runs a very successful Horse Racing email tipping service.

You can join at:

How To Cope With Horse Racing Losing Runs

national hunt 1

How to cope with horse racing losing runs

Let me 'reinforce' a saying I've considered to be true in all the years I've been betting. I suggest you also try to keep in mind it as well:

After an excellent run of winners, you should anticipate to experience a bad run. After a losing run, you can look ahead to an excellent winning run.

Just like many other things in life, betting goes in cycles: bad periods, excellent times; day follows night; springtime follows winter; successful profits for several weeks and unprofitable for several weeks.

So this is the problem: what do you do when yet another letter arrives on your door mat announcing that the Holy Grail Betting Program has been found offering you incredible earnings in a few short weeks. Or maybe it's an e-mail that to tell you that the awesome tipster is basically 'on fire' at this time, his selections are so hot you have to join his service.

With so many amazing winners going in, absolutely you'd be mad to not buy into these offers; you should join this today, and buy the Sacred Grail of gambling methods too, right?

Well no actually, I recommend you don't. Keep in mind what I said? What you should anticipate to occur...

"After an excellent run off winners, you should anticipate to experience a bad run. After a losing run, you can look ahead to a winning run."

So, how can you now make use of this understanding and see some returns from your gambling activities?

Contrarian Thinking

Many pro gamblers implement what I like to call 'contrarian thinking'. Against all reasoning, they will actually increase their bet level when hitting a losing run.

Why in the world would they do this? It's because they have confidence behind the logic of the system they are using. After all, they opted to use it in their gambling system portfolio, so there must be something about it that makes good sense.

They will also have an idea of the normal losing run expected by the typical prices of the systems selections... So they have an inner feeling of when to up their bets a little, and to what level of stake.

They are depending on that upcoming change, because... "After a bad run, you can anticipate a good run."

Positive Reinforcement

When I'm going through the suffering of a bad run of losers I handle my feelings by adhering to my systems and methods, knowing that bad losing runs are not uncommon at all. Over the last 18 years my experience has been that horse racing revenue comes in fits and starts, and that for the most of the time I'm either breaking even or continuously losing in other terms, not winning! It's a reality, and I've discovered to cope with it.

In these periods I use positive reinforcement. I remember periods when I've won on big odds horses, I sit down and observe the video clips of those races where my selections have won, and I study over my gambling spread sheets and records. All this is to tell myself what has gone before. Sometimes I even stop betting for a brief period until I get rid of negative thoughts and my confidence comes back.

Create a Collection of Gambling Systems to use

Trust me, you'll discover betting way less traumatic - and it's much simpler to stay targeted - when you're using several systems simultaneously.

So many punters seem to be constantly after that one exclusive betting program they think of as the Holy Grail. They're looking for an amazing method that creates a stable weekly income, with loads of winners every day.

Realistically - at least this is what I've discovered - there is no such program. One of the significant ideas behind this article is that betting techniques go through frustrating losing times, and the profits they do make come in a completely unforeseen period.

You'll discover a better strategy is to try to remove the highs and lows by having a different portfolio of techniques and tactics that jointly generate overall revenue over many months or years.

The winning punter will collect together a variety of techniques, methods, and tipsters that he is able to control and trust. These techniques will also fit in with his daily routine, and go along with his betting temperament.

At the moment I have about 10 -12 betting techniques for horse racing in my portfolio. I also have two or three methods that I am testing out on paper. If they are profitable after the testing period I will introduce them to my proper portfolio. If they fail the test I will drop them.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing.

You can get my free selections by visiting

How To Win At Golf Betting

golf 1

The odds on offer for some players to win the competition are usually quite big or may seem so, but you have to keep in mind that most tournaments have 156 players at the beginning of the competitions so it's very big odds of picking the actual winner.

So how can you increase the possibility of picking the winner in your favour?

You can begin by removing any individual over the odds of 150/1. During the season there will be a number of competitions won by players at large prices, but it seldom ever happens and it's worth discounting any player over 150/1.

This should only leave you with around one third of the remaining players to consider, usually around 40+ level.

You should then look to begin to research the form of the remaining players. The two PGA golf sites have a lot of player and competition statistics available and they are a crucial resource for anyone seeking to have a bet on a golf competition.

If a golfer is out of form and has never made the cut in his last two or three competitions it's beneficial to hold out from backing him until he returns to his normal form before placing any cash on him. That will probably decrease the size of the field by another 5 or 6 players.

You should then look for players with previous good form over the course or a course that is very identical in its layout. In the same way any golfer that has formerly done well in the competition in the last few years has to be regarded.

Players who are currently in an excellent run of form must also be included in your calculations of possible champions and should be on your short list.

Lastly look for a variety of any player with reasonable form, plays well on the course and has won a previous tournament at this course. This should significantly narrow down the field of prospective players to consider.

It's important to note that a lot of bookies offer pay-outs on the first four or five placed players. So each way betting can be profitable especially if your final selection is big a big price.

Once you have chosen the player(s) you think have a reasonable possibility of winning or being placed, check out all of the online bookmakers to discover the best odds available.

There is a lot of gambling odds comparison sites you can use and you can see at a glance the bookmaker that is providing the best prices on your selection.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK gambling.

You can get my free selections by visiting 

What Everyone Should Know About Inside Information If You Want To Bet and Win On Horse Racing?

Many people don't realize that most of the cash that is won at horse racing is actually won by punters who have some sort of inside information.

Some Syndicates own horses and get the nod from the trainer when the trainer assures them of a win. They also buy information from speed ratings experts and other insider professional tipsters.

Using inside Information is part of horse racing and everyone involved in the game has some form of it. There is nothing illegal about using Inside Information. Just be careful not to misuse it such as passing it on to punters to use on the exchanges when playing lay bets

Many stables are known to plot the course of a horse's career path. Apart from the top class group animals that are seen to their best potential from day one, nearly all others follow a path planned by the trainer.

To win money regularly over the long term you need to be backing horses that are overpriced by the bookies and therefore value bets. To do this consistently you need know someone that has a connection to the yard that trained the horse.

Any quality tipster has many connections throughout the racing game and it is these connections that supply the tipster with the inside info which the tipster has paid for. By being involved with a professional tipster you are privileged enough to know what day to back a horse and when to not have a bet on it.

Professional horse racing tipsters have been going for many years now. The difference between those that are excellent and those that are average is a matter for research.

1. I myself only get inside info from highly trusted staff employed in senior positions in a combination of both Flat and Jumps horse racing establishments.

2. When the information is received it is analyzed by both our own form study expert and our own speed figures professional.

Doing this we are gaining an insight into every possible result of the race we are considering for gambling purposes.

3. We then consult with our market mover's man. He will then inform us of any well connected money coming in for any horse in opposition.

The inside information we get is not given out until every possible risk has been analysed. Only then we will then pass out the selection as a bet to clients.

To make money from inside information means patience, discipline and sensible staking from you will ensure growth on your initial investment.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing. If you want my betting selections, reviews and more free gambling information why not take a look at my website Here!

How You Can Transform Your Gambling Lifestyle With Calculated Risk Taking

risk taking 1


How to Transform Your Gambling Life With Calculated Risk Taking

High risk is a fundamental element of gambling, business and life, but so few people know how to handle it properly. The word risk means too many people stress, and possible loss. But risk also has a beneficial part, the chance of reaching a big win, of getting more than you have put in.

There is such a thing as an intelligent risk. Those are obviously the ones where the benefit exceeds the downside.

Now we all know it's generally a bad idea to take foolish risks, where your predicted result is negative and the possible benefit is very low. But it's ridiculous to avoid a brilliant risk, where your predicted result is high and the downside very limited.

My worst-case risk for trying a new system or method in horse racing is that I'll waste about four hours of time, I'll lose a few races and little bit of money, and I'll learn something new.

But what exactly is the best outcome? The best result is huge. I might fall upon a new system that completely increases my winners and gambling income. And in that situation my only investment was a few hours of time.

Most of us are very good at not taking silly risks, but we're extremely bad at taking wise risks. The most foolish mistake is to not take any risks at all.

The key to intelligent risk-taking is to look far enough forward. When considering financial and personal development, I do not just think a month forward or five years forward. I think across the period of my whole life-time. I ask myself, "What advantage might this give me over the period of the next several decades?" Over that timespan even small changes you might make this week can make large long-term advantages. Doing nothing is way, way more negative.

The thing that keeps me from getting frustrated when bad losing runs or other problems happen at the present time is to keep considering long-term goals. I may be having a lot of failures now but I know I need to make many mistakes to hit the next big breakthrough. So I just steam roller through those problems as quick as possible.

Do NOT quit during the losing runs!

Going through losing runs is the toughest time for many gamblers because you are putting in effort and getting very little to back for it. Just accept that that's life and allow yourself permission to work tirelessly and have little to show for it, provided that you wisely keep a long term perspective.

Find a well thought out risk you can take this week. Most likely it will not pan out. But what if it does? Enjoy taking the risk either way because regardless of what the result, you will gain long term knowledge just by making the effort.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing.

If you would like to get my selections or just more information......

Then Visit >> Insider Investments