Horse Racing Newspaper Tipsters – The Best Way To Use Them

How to use your newspaper tipster to get winners

If you love betting but not spending hours studying form you're not alone.

Many punters enjoy betting on horses but don't like the daily grind of hours of pouring over the form books.

Don't get me wrong I'm a professional  but I do understand that a lot of people don't have the sort of time I get to pick my selections

The only thing you'll need for this method of picking good priced winners is your daily newspaper or a racing post.

In the racing post you'll find there is a tipsters table for each race. This table lists every daily newspaper tipster selections.

Our goal as gamblers is to find horses that really have a reason to win, but aren't bet down to such low odds that we can't make money.


Choose the newspaper tipster of your choice and only bet if his selection if it isn't the favourite.

This will still give you many bets and playable races, but will weed out those horses that are obvious to every punter that usually get backed into ridiculous short odds.

Stick with one tipster per meeting . If you do this for a while, you'll soon learn which tipsters are good at picking winners that aren't the obvious favuorites.

These are the ones to follow!

paul coleman
paul coleman

Horse Racing Betting Why The Going Conditions Are So Important


Horse Racing Betting Why The Going Conditions Are So Important


Do you research the ground conditions when considering a bet? Working out the possibilities of a horse being successful in a particular competition is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There are so many factors to consider. But each little bit of detail has a say on whether your horse is likely to cross the winning line at the front, or to be an also-ran.

But there is one essential item of the jigsaw that often gets neglected. Many gamblers brush over it, and some keep it out of their computations completely. But I consider it to be one of the single-most key elements when weighing up a race-card -- the Going.
Whether I am assessing the horses for the Derby, the Cheltenham festival, or a maiden race at Warwick, the one concern  I always ask myself is "Will my horse be able to act over the existing ground conditions?"

This one item of data, in my view, is more essential than the trainer, jockey, distance of the race and previous course form of the horse.

The condition of the Going underfoot can be classified by one of the following descriptions: Hard, Firm, Good to Firm, Good, Good to Soft, Soft, and Heavy.

The Going conditions are very essential because often racehorses will have a personal preference for operating on one kind of ground over another. Horses of varying inherited make-up will act diversely in the way they manage various racecourse surfaces.

So how can we as gamblers take benefits of these differences?

The first factor we can do is to get down to the parade ring before a competition and examine the horse's hoofs, why? Well, usually racehorses with big hoofs similar to soup-plates will be much better suited if the going is soft or heavy. This is because the bodyweight of the animal is spread across a larger frame, and it is able to skim over the surface rather than getting trapped in the mud. Horses with small 'donkey' legs are more likely to sink into the ground.

Once the horses have left the parade ring take your position in the grandstand, and focus your field glasses on the race horses as they go to the starting gate. Although the horses will not be operating at full speed, the intelligent punter can still take away a few more snippets of info before determining whether or not to place a wager with the bookmakers.

The factor to look out for is the horse's action. By that I mean exactly how it gallops along. A horse with a running style called a rounded action raises its legs much greater with each pace, and will most likely act better on soft going. Then there is a horse with a daisy-cutting action that hardly raises his hoofs off the ground.

This kind of race horse is more likely to appreciate going which is more on the firm or hard side. These rules are obviously never going to be 100% precise, but you would be surprised how many times you can prevent yourself putting a silly wager on a horse that is not likely to take to the days going conditions. Creating revenue from gambling on horses is just as much about avoiding losers as picking the winners.

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How To Use Each Way Betting on Horse Racing to Your Advantage

How To Use Each Way Betting on Horse Racing to Your Advantage


To comprehend this article content in full, it is essential that you have an obvious knowledge of what an Each Way Bet is all about.

If you're a little uncertain, please read up on the basics of placing an Each Way bet.

As you will now know, an Each-Way bet is actually TWO wagers of the same quantity on the WIN and the PLACE.

This new betting technique I will explain to you actually includes the position of THREE wagers.

To keep it easy, let's say that your horse racing selections odds are 8/1 in a race which will pay a one fourth the odds if the horse is placed.

Presumably, you will have arrived at this choice of selection because you think the horse has a very excellent possibility of being successful in the race but you're not 100% sure hence the purpose for supporting it Each-Way.

What you can do is have a conventional Each-Way bet of (say) £10 Each-Way.
This bet will cost you £20.

If your horse is successful, you will obtain £80 profits from the WIN aspect plus £20 from the PLACE aspect for a complete of 100 profits (plus, of course, your £20 stake is returned).

If your horse merely gets placed then your profits would be £20 (plus your £10 PLACE stake returned).

The revenue in this example is therefore just £10.

The Each Way alternative Technique includes you putting on your Each-Way bet as regular but you will also place a further WIN bet on the horse of £10.

This, of course means now that your total stake is £30 but if your horse wins the competition, you will now obtain £180 (plus your £30 stake back).

If your horse only places, you will have got your stake money back. No profit but no loss either and this is what we are trying to accomplish.

The PLACE aspect of the each way bet is there completely to provide you the possibility of getting your stake money back.

We all go through periods of horses coming second where everything we bet on just seems to get pipped. A sequence of failures such as this can impact you mentally - it is obviously not good for your gambling betting pot either.

However, this technique of Each Way gambling reduces losses (keeping mind, body and betting bank intact) but, at the same time, maximizes profit potential.

The figures used in this article are for demonstration purposes only.

Obviously, you would change the levels of your stakes regards to the odds of the horses and whether it is 1/5 or 1/4 of the odds payout. Remember: the concept is to restore ALL your stakes money (but make no profit) if your horse places but doesn't win.

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3 common mistakes gamblers make

Do You Make These 3 Gambling Mistakes?
Listening to many of the gambling experts and system sellers,
out there, making money from betting sounds so easy.Just buy XYZ system, and all your money problems are solved.No effort required. 

And absolutely no thinking required...because that's even harder work than putting in the time.



Life doesn't work like that.

There are systems and services which will help you.  They can cut down the learning curve.  And they can advance you ahead of the pack.


Why wouldn't you want to learn from someone else's experience?

Your own personal experience is the best teacher, but it's an expensive instructor!

People go into debt for 4 years of college just to get a £30,000 a year job...

Yet, they think they can jump online and buy a racing system and be on their way to a £100,000 income in 2 weeks.

That doesn't even make sense.  If it really was that easy, and that foolproof, everyone would be doing it.


Lately I've been pushing my new beginners clients to spend more time (at least a few weeks minimum) in the planning and research phase.

For them to research and get to know what they're interested in, and what systems work best for them before they even start betting with real money.

In other words, TEST the system  first.  Get to know how it works.

And also fill in some of the missing links.


Here are 3 of the common mistakes I see people make when starting out:

1. Not knowing how to correctly apply the system rules.

2. Not having a sufficient betting pot to start with.

3. Not having any patience when losing runs occur.


Not Knowing How to Correctly Apply The Rules

You're dead in the water here if you don't know how to operate the system correctly.  In fact, you're likely to flounder around in confusion about how to use the techniques ...or constantly buying the new "system of the week"  without having the correct knowledge in place to use the system..

Do you  read through the rules several times before you use your system?


Not Having a Sufficient Betting Pot to Start With

A lot of punters purchase a system, put the system bets on, and dont even keep a record of their bets...before they ever get a proper betting pot together.  Something is backwards here.


Not Having Patience When Losing Runs Occur

There is a little of a catch-22 here.You need to see regular profits for your system ,but you can't get away from the odd losing run that occurs with any form of gambling to win!

This element is so important...and so often ignored...we will discuss it in depth in another email

We actually recommend finding a system  that suits your style of betting and is easily usable for finding winners and is successful and working on today's racing etc.

We should be able to help you to eliminate the confusion and set you on the right system direction


In your service

Paul Coleman

The punter you can trust!

PS This brand new system combines MINIMAL RISK with HUGE, CONSISTENT profits.....-->>

How To Make Money From Horse Racing Using Jockey Statistics



How To Make Money From Horse Racing


For all the elegance of horse racing, the jockey has a very risky job.

He has to, deal with other horses and their jockeys and guide his horse to the winning line. Many jockeys are injured or even killed each season.


When the race begins, the jockey has to deal with the other horses and jockeys, all trying to get to the head of the field. The jockey must know his horse's capability to break from the starting stalls, whether it's on the rail, in the centre, or on the far right. He must be cautious that his horse doesn't get encased in by other horses, enclosed so firmly by so many horses that he can't shift out, or gets pushed out wide on the tracks turns... All these are elements the jockey must perform while going at 30 mph on a very large animal.


Some horses really like to run from the head of the pack others like to hang back and let the others set the speed. The jockey must know what his mount prefers to do and is best at and then choose the best time to make a move. If the going is wet or sticky, the jockey must know his horse's capability to run well in the mud. Mud delivers up another problem: the mud tossed up by the horses at the head of the field following back to the horses and jockeys behind. Some horses can't manage the traveling mud very well.


As you obtain understanding of your local racecourse and the type of horse and jockey that tends to win there, you will come to know which jockeys can do best at the various distances and track conditions. When you discover a horse that looks promising and his jockey has a record of being effective in the existing track conditions you may have discovered an excellent bet.


Many novice punters have a tendency to bet on the jockey, looking to back them because of their name or they like the jockey's silk colours or some other aspect. Professional punters know that while the jockey is riding the horse he is basically "along for the trip."
The horse is the athlete in the competition, the jockey's job is to guide and steer the horse so that it can do what he is bred to do: run like the wind and win the race.


The other issue with betting on the jockey is that the best jockeys usually get the best horse, which has the smallest odds, which makes them unappealing for gambling. It's best to have an excellent jockey on your horse, but an excellent horse is the first must.


One tip. While there aren't many women jockeys, those that get to the top like Hayley Turner are regularly excellent, even though they may not get the best rides... When they do get an excellent horse, there could be a good bet in there somewhere.

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How To Pick Good Selections For Golf Betting



Golf Betting - How To Make It Pay


There's usually at least one golf competition being played somewhere each week. And most online internet betting sites will be providing odds on the result. The odds on offer for some players to win the competition are usually quite big or may seem so, but you have to keep in mind that most tournaments have 156 players at the beginning of the competitions so it's very big odds of picking the actual winner.


So how can you increase the possibility of picking the winner in your favour?


You can begin by removing any individual player over the odds of 150/1. During the season there will be a number of competitions won by players at large prices, but it seldom ever happens and it's worth discounting any player over 150/1.


This should only leave you with around one third of the remaining players to consider, usually around 40+ level.

You should then look to begin to research the form of the remaining players. The two PGA golf sites have a lot of player and competition statistics available and they are a crucial resource for anyone seeking to have a bet on a golf competition.


If a golfer is out of form and has never made the cut in his last two or three competitions it's beneficial to hold out from backing him until he returns to his normal form before placing any cash on him. That will probably decrease the size of the field by another 5 or 6 players.


You should then look for players with previous good form over the course or a course that is very identical in its layout. In the same way any golfer that has formerly done well in the competition in the last few years has to be regarded.


Players who are currently in an excellent run of form must also be included in your calculations of possible champions and should be on your short list.


Lastly look for a combination of any player with reasonable form, plays well on the course and has won a previous tournament at this course. This should significantly narrow down the field of prospective players to consider.


It's important to note that a lot of bookies offer pay-outs on the first four or five placed players. So each way betting can be profitable especially if your final selection is big a big price.


Once you have chosen the player(s) you think have a reasonable possibility of winning or being placed, check out all of the online bookmakers to discover the best odds available.


There is a lot of gambling odds comparison sites you can use and you can see at a glance the bookmaker that is providing the best prices on your selection.

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Horse Racing Betting System Versus Racing Tipster?

horse racing


Horse Racing System V Horse Racing Tipster?


With the growth of hundreds of horse race meetings every season, and the new chance to use online bookmakers you can bet more quickly than ever. Should you consider a racing gambling system or a professional tipster as your path to success?


We have all observed the phrase 'horses for courses' before. In some regards this declaration is true. Everyone has a different strategy to gambling on a horse race. From how often to bet and what type of bet. Also some methods require more exotic or multiple bets.
Horse racing gambling system?


The greatest issue with any horse racing gambling program is which one to employ! There are countless systems that have been released to the general public.


But just like racing tipsters, the proof is in the pudding and nobody can definitely tell you that their program or system will perform as well again the next racing season.


Some racing gambling methods are simpler than others; they change little in how they operate and take very little time to make the selections and that is a big plus for many. Tipsters also however are there to provide you with the selections so that you do not have to do the form study yourself.


It is difficult to say that some of the most well-known systems around are the best because eventually, elements such as the track layout, draw advantage can change over time. Systems are usually cheaper to buy than using a tipster and you can also monitor the results before betting with any real money. But like most methods you get what you pay for so tread carefully!


Horseracing Tipster?

Unlike racing gambling systems, the saying that the most well-known tipsters, those that have been in business for longer are usually the ones to keep on the right side of could be true. Having fulfilled enough clients to do it again and again over a period of years their betting methods most obviously work!


The best tipsters usually have insider knowledge from stable information. This would give you a big advantage over a system straight away.
Any excellent tipster will also help the client by choosing the size of the wager to stake which would be a small section of his betting bank.


Both gambling systems and tipsters have their good and bad points and place within the industry. If you are a more serious gambler looking at a lengthy lasting income a good g tipster would be recommended. You may have to spend a short period studying who to use, but if you find a good one you should be well rewarded.

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Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan to Improve Your Winnings


Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan

System 1
1. Non handicap races only
2. Look for races of three miles or further
3. The selection is the runner that is favourite in each qualifying race
4. If there is more than one race then pick the one with the highest prize money
5. If the selections odds are less than 4/5 no bet
6. If your bookmaker does not let you use the favourite then use the forecast favourite in the betting prices of you daily newspaper
System 2
1. Check the Daily Mirror newspaper race cards
2. Find the race with the highest prize money. This will be the meeting to use
3. Select non-handicap races with less than 12 runners
4. Look for the horses with the letters SF next to its names. These are the strongly fancied horses
5. The horse with the lowest price in the betting prices is the selection
6. If more than one selection then have a no bet day
System 3
1. Look in the sun newspaper race cards
2. Check the races where the two newspaper tipsters agree on the horse they think will win
3. If the horse had been unplaced on its last three runs then this is a bet
4. The theory behind this is that these two tipsters are two of the best in the country and when they agree it should be a good thing. If the horse has been unplaced in its last three runs many punters will be put off backing it which means it will be a reasonable price
System 4
1. Go through the race cards for each meeting of the day and make a note of every handicap race
2. Make a note of the weight that the top weight horse is carrying. This is the horse number 1 at the top of the race card
3. Make a note of the second top weight is carrying
4. Subtract the second top weight from the top weight and make a note of the difference
5. Go through all of the days handicap races and do the same procedure on each race
6. The system selection is the top weight that is set to carry the biggest margin of weight over the second top weight
7. This system will select really classy horses
Staking plan. A really simple staking plan is to place your bet to win the race unless the price is bigger than 4/1 in which case back your selection each way



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Soccer Betting Tips And Methods To Beat The Bookmaker


Soccer Betting Tips - Make Your Football Knowledge Pay

There are lots of ways to generate income from football gambling. Some individuals prefer to purchase a gambling system for a small fee. These techniques show numerous successful methods and techniques that encourage the user to develop the skills needed to succeed in this field. People view these techniques as investment strategies because of the profits they generate over a while.

Another way is signing up for a professional sports gambling tips service that delivers tips regularly. This option is ideal for those who do not have the time needed to evaluate past results and current form as well as the approaching fixture list themselves. When you receive the recommended selections all you have to do is act upon the information and place the wagers.

Most football lovers will have a good knowing of the game and it is possible to use this understanding to your benefit. In the past, many older football bettors would love enjoying filling in the pools coupon regularly where forecasts would be given on a large number of matches. The possibility of being successful and winning big money on the pools was remote simply because you had to get a lot of winners correct. But in comparison fixed odds football betting is easier because you can bet on win singles so there is a far better possibility of success.

Regardless of what team you support and what league they are in you can use your own understanding to generate income from sports gambling. It is possible to create your soccer understanding pay by determining your own selections and forecasting the result of appropriate matches.

Even if your gambling actions were limited to your own team you could still appreciate a higher success rate of winning bets. When gambling on your preferred team it is sensible to think with your head instead of your heart. If you can put individual loyalties aside and provide an honest and sincere evaluation on the most likely outcome you will not go far wrong.

One very easy method of picking your football selections is to look at teams in the upper third of the league table playing a team in the lower third. These are very good banker teams. If you can find three of these selections consider putting them in a win treble bet, Trixie bet or Patent for regular pay-outs from your bookie

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