3 common mistakes gamblers make

Do You Make These 3 Gambling Mistakes?
Listening to many of the gambling experts and system sellers,
out there, making money from betting sounds so easy.Just buy XYZ system, and all your money problems are solved.No effort required. 

And absolutely no thinking required...because that's even harder work than putting in the time.



Life doesn't work like that.

There are systems and services which will help you.  They can cut down the learning curve.  And they can advance you ahead of the pack.


Why wouldn't you want to learn from someone else's experience?

Your own personal experience is the best teacher, but it's an expensive instructor!

People go into debt for 4 years of college just to get a £30,000 a year job...

Yet, they think they can jump online and buy a racing system and be on their way to a £100,000 income in 2 weeks.

That doesn't even make sense.  If it really was that easy, and that foolproof, everyone would be doing it.


Lately I've been pushing my new beginners clients to spend more time (at least a few weeks minimum) in the planning and research phase.

For them to research and get to know what they're interested in, and what systems work best for them before they even start betting with real money.

In other words, TEST the system  first.  Get to know how it works.

And also fill in some of the missing links.


Here are 3 of the common mistakes I see people make when starting out:

1. Not knowing how to correctly apply the system rules.

2. Not having a sufficient betting pot to start with.

3. Not having any patience when losing runs occur.


Not Knowing How to Correctly Apply The Rules

You're dead in the water here if you don't know how to operate the system correctly.  In fact, you're likely to flounder around in confusion about how to use the techniques ...or constantly buying the new "system of the week"  without having the correct knowledge in place to use the system..

Do you  read through the rules several times before you use your system?


Not Having a Sufficient Betting Pot to Start With

A lot of punters purchase a system, put the system bets on, and dont even keep a record of their bets...before they ever get a proper betting pot together.  Something is backwards here.


Not Having Patience When Losing Runs Occur

There is a little of a catch-22 here.You need to see regular profits for your system ,but you can't get away from the odd losing run that occurs with any form of gambling to win!

This element is so important...and so often ignored...we will discuss it in depth in another email

We actually recommend finding a system  that suits your style of betting and is easily usable for finding winners and is successful and working on today's racing etc.

We should be able to help you to eliminate the confusion and set you on the right system direction


In your service

Paul Coleman

The punter you can trust!

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