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Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet

Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet

By Paul John Coleman

Placepot pools at some of the bigger meetings such as Royal Ascot or The Cheltenham festival can be massive so are worth doing at these events.

Winnings are declared to a �1 stake but you can make a smaller stake, say 10p or 20p per bet.

In this bet you will have to choose a horse at the first 6 races of any meeting to finish first in races with 4 runners or less.

First or second in races with 5,6 or 7 runners.

First, second or third in races or 8 runners or more.

Handicap races of 16 or more runners your selection must finish in the first 4.

You can select more than one horse in each race to give you more chance of successfully landing the bet. So, for example, you might want to have two selections in five of the races with one race covered by one horse that you think should be a banker to make the frame. The bet then looks like this;

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 = 32 bets

Here is a simple placepot system, which pays out quite often

1. Choose the main meeting of the day. This is the meeting usually with the most prize money and better quality horses.

2. In Handicap races your selections will be the two horses highest in the weights. These will be the two horses numbered 1 and 2 on the newspapers racecard.

3. In Non-Handicap races your selections will be the first and third horses in the newspapers betting forecast prices.

This will be a total of 64bets

2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64 bets

Why not give it a try with small stakes for a start to see it's potential. Until next time be lucky!

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing. You can get my selections by visiting

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Horse Racing Systems And How To Devise Your Own


Horse Racing Systems And How To Devise Your Own

By Paul John Coleman

Most punters are picking their selections on form based systems. If a horse is in winning form. To make a profit from horse racing systems you must be a bit cleverer than this.

I think most people lose at horse racing because they over stretch their betting banks, especially during a losing run, it's very difficult to stop and have a look at the situation. If this is true for you too then devising a system with a high strike rate may be your best bet.

The betting market

Many professional gamblers base their horse racing selections around the betting market. Although the favourite in the betting market wins around one in three times, backing the favourite blindly you would lose about 6% of you stake money over time. But if you found a way of backing the favourites in certain types of races say non-handicap races in moderate fields you would break even. A few more tweaks and rules and you could edge into a slight profit again.

Trainers and jockeys

A lot of the best horse racing systems I have devised have been based on backing winning inform trainers. If you can follow a trainer hitting form many of their bigger priced longshot horses win as well. Backing jockeys inform can also pay off. Some professionals think that jockeys have longer winning runs than trainers. Remember Frankie Dettori going through the card at Ascot?

Course and distance winners

If a horse has won over the course or distance it is a more important factor than most punters consider. I look for specialist horses that like quirky tracks such a Chester or Fakenham. The old adage horse for courses is certainly still true. If you can find a system based around these facts you are on to a winner. One system that seemed to work well once was backing the only horse in a race that was a distance winner. Specialist distances such as two and a half miles over the jumps and seven furlongs on the flat racing are worth looking out for. Some horses only seem to win at these distances.


You can get all of the newspaper tipster's selections from the Racing Post newspaper. Good systems can be based around these tipsters. You tend to find that if you back their selections in every race you would probably be slightly down in profit. But if you can see which type of races these tipsters excel in and only back their selections in these it could turn a loss into a nice profit.

The daily naps table

Good systems can be based around the daily newspaper tipster nap. The nap bets are the tipster's best bets of the day. Following the top two tipsters on top of the naps table towards the end of the season usually pays off.

Paul Coleman is a professional horse racing form expert. Paul runs a free Horse Racing email tipping service. You can join free at:

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Horse Betting Strategies

horse betting strategies

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Horse racing systems that really work

World's MOST Terrifying type of betting plan (AVOID!)


I've just finished reading the Betting Scientist's book "How to Earn a Living From Horse Betting" horse racing systems that really work and something struck me.

On page 55 he talks about the money management methods you should never use. Reading that page made me think how many people still use Loss Recovery Methods to stake their bets. This is the absolute worst way to structure your bets.

Loss recovery means increasing your bet after a loss to compensate for the loss. It's also known as the Martingale. Martingale suggests you keep increasing your wager after each loss with the increase being sufficient enough to cover all your previous losses and make a profit, should the bet win.

There are scores of famous betting systems based around loss recovery methods. Most don't tell you about the GUARANTEED eventual pitfall of such a system. And yes, it does hit the fan eventually. And by then people who sell such systems are long gone with your money. On page 56 of this book he explains why Martingales eventually fail.

This is a must read for all!


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77 Ways To Get More Horse Racing Winners

77 Ways To Get More Horse Racing Winners



  • Here’s Just Some of What You Will Discover:
  • The big mistakes gamblers make and how to avoid them
  • How to use system to effectively increase your winners and profits from betting
  • How to use your daily newspaper to bring in a steady stream of additional
  • The three most important changes you can make to your betting
  • The fundamentals of staking and how you can use it successfully in your daily betting


Who is your presenter?
Paul Coleman is a leading authority on gambling and trusted advisor to thousands of clients who receive his investment advice online every week.Paul has been working with gamblers in the UK for two decades and has been featured in the Racing Post,Sporting Life and racing Ahead Magazine

Paul Coleman

Betting Guru & Investment Master



Horse Racing Newspaper Tipsters – The Best Way To Use Them

How to use your newspaper tipster to get winners

If you love betting but not spending hours studying form you're not alone.

Many punters enjoy betting on horses but don't like the daily grind of hours of pouring over the form books.

Don't get me wrong I'm a professional  but I do understand that a lot of people don't have the sort of time I get to pick my selections

The only thing you'll need for this method of picking good priced winners is your daily newspaper or a racing post.

In the racing post you'll find there is a tipsters table for each race. This table lists every daily newspaper tipster selections.

Our goal as gamblers is to find horses that really have a reason to win, but aren't bet down to such low odds that we can't make money.


Choose the newspaper tipster of your choice and only bet if his selection if it isn't the favourite.

This will still give you many bets and playable races, but will weed out those horses that are obvious to every punter that usually get backed into ridiculous short odds.

Stick with one tipster per meeting . If you do this for a while, you'll soon learn which tipsters are good at picking winners that aren't the obvious favuorites.

These are the ones to follow!

paul coleman
paul coleman

Horse Racing Betting System Versus Racing Tipster?

horse racing


Horse Racing System V Horse Racing Tipster?


With the growth of hundreds of horse race meetings every season, and the new chance to use online bookmakers you can bet more quickly than ever. Should you consider a racing gambling system or a professional tipster as your path to success?


We have all observed the phrase 'horses for courses' before. In some regards this declaration is true. Everyone has a different strategy to gambling on a horse race. From how often to bet and what type of bet. Also some methods require more exotic or multiple bets.
Horse racing gambling system?


The greatest issue with any horse racing gambling program is which one to employ! There are countless systems that have been released to the general public.


But just like racing tipsters, the proof is in the pudding and nobody can definitely tell you that their program or system will perform as well again the next racing season.


Some racing gambling methods are simpler than others; they change little in how they operate and take very little time to make the selections and that is a big plus for many. Tipsters also however are there to provide you with the selections so that you do not have to do the form study yourself.


It is difficult to say that some of the most well-known systems around are the best because eventually, elements such as the track layout, draw advantage can change over time. Systems are usually cheaper to buy than using a tipster and you can also monitor the results before betting with any real money. But like most methods you get what you pay for so tread carefully!


Horseracing Tipster?

Unlike racing gambling systems, the saying that the most well-known tipsters, those that have been in business for longer are usually the ones to keep on the right side of could be true. Having fulfilled enough clients to do it again and again over a period of years their betting methods most obviously work!


The best tipsters usually have insider knowledge from stable information. This would give you a big advantage over a system straight away.
Any excellent tipster will also help the client by choosing the size of the wager to stake which would be a small section of his betting bank.


Both gambling systems and tipsters have their good and bad points and place within the industry. If you are a more serious gambler looking at a lengthy lasting income a good g tipster would be recommended. You may have to spend a short period studying who to use, but if you find a good one you should be well rewarded.

About the Author

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Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan to Improve Your Winnings


Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan

System 1
1. Non handicap races only
2. Look for races of three miles or further
3. The selection is the runner that is favourite in each qualifying race
4. If there is more than one race then pick the one with the highest prize money
5. If the selections odds are less than 4/5 no bet
6. If your bookmaker does not let you use the favourite then use the forecast favourite in the betting prices of you daily newspaper
System 2
1. Check the Daily Mirror newspaper race cards
2. Find the race with the highest prize money. This will be the meeting to use
3. Select non-handicap races with less than 12 runners
4. Look for the horses with the letters SF next to its names. These are the strongly fancied horses
5. The horse with the lowest price in the betting prices is the selection
6. If more than one selection then have a no bet day
System 3
1. Look in the sun newspaper race cards
2. Check the races where the two newspaper tipsters agree on the horse they think will win
3. If the horse had been unplaced on its last three runs then this is a bet
4. The theory behind this is that these two tipsters are two of the best in the country and when they agree it should be a good thing. If the horse has been unplaced in its last three runs many punters will be put off backing it which means it will be a reasonable price
System 4
1. Go through the race cards for each meeting of the day and make a note of every handicap race
2. Make a note of the weight that the top weight horse is carrying. This is the horse number 1 at the top of the race card
3. Make a note of the second top weight is carrying
4. Subtract the second top weight from the top weight and make a note of the difference
5. Go through all of the days handicap races and do the same procedure on each race
6. The system selection is the top weight that is set to carry the biggest margin of weight over the second top weight
7. This system will select really classy horses
Staking plan. A really simple staking plan is to place your bet to win the race unless the price is bigger than 4/1 in which case back your selection each way



About the Author

Paul Coleman is a Horse racing form expert you can get his free daily horse racing selections at:
You can get more free advice, tips,systems and information about horse racing at his blog:

Four Golden Rules To ensure A Winning Horse Racing System

Four Golden Rules To Ensure A Winning Horse Racing System

Let's face it, no one places a wager because they want to get rid of their money do they? Now I know that may be stating the obvious somewhat, but the way many individuals bet you would think that it was their aim.

Although the game of horseracing is interesting, as a gambler you need to quit gambling for the enjoyment value of the game, and adhere to a four phase strategy that will allow you to create a useful earnings flow from gambling.

1. Sticking to Your Horse Racing method is A Must

So what do I mean by this exactly? Well, whether you use a racing tipster, gambling application or you select your own wagers, you need to select your bets, back them and then quit.

The main factor that you should do is not to chase your losses by putting on more bets, or increasing your staking levels, this is a large error that many novice gamblers make.

Equally, you should not heap on more cash in an attempt to win more, as you need to make your gambling like a financial investment. To not do so is fatal. It is also very essential to add here that if your gambling method does not emphasize a bet on a given day, then you should have the self-discipline to keep your cash in your wallet.

If you have a strategy from the beginning and stick to it, you will secure yourself from creating the essential faults that a lot of gamblers do.

Something that I discuss to a lot of gamblers is to start acting like a pro-punter. It is known that implementing a more targeted mind-set will help you creating better choices, rather than having the haphazard strategy that most betting shop gamblers have.

Being targeted and expert about your gambling may not appear at first to be a fun factor to do, but it works. And it's no fun to keep losing so I know which technique I would rather choose.

2. Using a Betting Pot Is Very Important

This guideline actually follows the first one quite perfectly, as it can be the first sensible phase in implementing a more targeted and expert mind-set to gambling on horseracing.

One factor that you should never do is bet with cash that you cannot manage to lose. Economically it is just not very sensible, plus it will also mean that you're gambling will no more be determined by your racing system or your gambling program, but instead they will become intensely affected by your feelings, which furthermore is covered in the next guideline.

The expert way to bet is to look at how much you can begin securely gambling with, no matter how big or little that may be, and to make your betting pot based on that. So in reality and just to highlight this very essential factor, this is basically a sum of cash which you could, in the toughest situation, manage to lose.

It is far better to begin with even a very low betting bank, and to bet very little levels to begin with, secure in the understanding that you are gambling within your means, than it would be to possibly leave yourself short or take a loan for the requirements of gambling.

Of course, as you become more effective in your wagers, so your betting pot develops and allows you to bet more cash per stake on your given racing system selections, but do not run before you can walk.

3. Do Not Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

I do hope that you can see a sensible sequence here. First of all you have a strategy. Then you need a set sum of cash set aside to perform your strategy. The purpose that the first two are essential fundamentals is that if done effectively, they will stop your emotions that could impact your gambling.

Once your emotions begin having a say in your racing selections, you begin to make bad choices, I kid you not.

To confirm this go to a bookie and just take a look at the individuals there. Do they seem happy? The truth is that many gamblers do not bet with a strategy or a gambling betting bank, but they place bets on horses because of the name of the jockey, or even worse, backing a horse because their last bet lost and they are trying to chase their losses.

This is not the way to do it and again, it may not be too difficult, however the amount of betting shop punters gambling like this each day would run into countless numbers I would think, so do not drop into this same pitfall.

Losing runs are an inevitable aspect of horse racing and so you need to create a practice of not enabling it hassle you. You need to have trust in your given system selections, enabling feelings to interfere with your gambling is not the way to do it. Adhering to the strategy, remaining targeted and not worrying, is the way to do it.

4. Keep a History of Your Bets

I would think that this is something that most individuals do not do and yet it is so easy, as all you need is some time and a note pad.

Keeping a history of your wagers is so essential, as you need to know how you're betting is developing. Once again, its treating betting like any other business that will set you apart from most punters, the ideal, effective gambler who goes about his betting in an established way will get ahead of the casual gambler that you see in the betting shops (as described above).

To keep a record of your bets all I do is note the time, the horse, the racetrack and the result. Do not ignore of course to write down how much money you staked and what odds the horse was, and that's it. These rules are all you need really.

You Have No Excuses Now

And there you have it. These four guidelines are the foundation to your achievements when gambling on horse racing. And as you can see, it needs little effort to do so there is really is no purpose why you cannot do this.

Paul Coleman is a professional horse racing form expert and runs a very successful Horse Racing email tipping service.

You can join at: