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Making profits from horse racing can be achieved in various ways.
One way is from studying the race tracks with a strong draw bias.
I was a little reluctant to give this method away but here goes...

Horses drawn high over the 5f straight sprint course at Thirsk appeared to have a distinct advantage.
There are a number of racecourses with distinct draw biases around the country.
Chester and Beverley probably being the most prevelant but the difference at Thirsk is that the bias was just the same on fast ground as it was on soft ground


1. Only bet on 5f sprint races at Thirsk with more than 10 runners

2. Perm the 5 or 6 horses drawn highest in combination forecasts or tricasts,

3. Often several complete outsiders will be in the 5 or 6 permed horses so when the bet comes in which it does more often than not the returns could be massive. 

In your service

Paul Coleman


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