Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan to Improve Your Winnings


Free Horse Racing Systems and Staking Plan

System 1
1. Non handicap races only
2. Look for races of three miles or further
3. The selection is the runner that is favourite in each qualifying race
4. If there is more than one race then pick the one with the highest prize money
5. If the selections odds are less than 4/5 no bet
6. If your bookmaker does not let you use the favourite then use the forecast favourite in the betting prices of you daily newspaper
System 2
1. Check the Daily Mirror newspaper race cards
2. Find the race with the highest prize money. This will be the meeting to use
3. Select non-handicap races with less than 12 runners
4. Look for the horses with the letters SF next to its names. These are the strongly fancied horses
5. The horse with the lowest price in the betting prices is the selection
6. If more than one selection then have a no bet day
System 3
1. Look in the sun newspaper race cards
2. Check the races where the two newspaper tipsters agree on the horse they think will win
3. If the horse had been unplaced on its last three runs then this is a bet
4. The theory behind this is that these two tipsters are two of the best in the country and when they agree it should be a good thing. If the horse has been unplaced in its last three runs many punters will be put off backing it which means it will be a reasonable price
System 4
1. Go through the race cards for each meeting of the day and make a note of every handicap race
2. Make a note of the weight that the top weight horse is carrying. This is the horse number 1 at the top of the race card
3. Make a note of the second top weight is carrying
4. Subtract the second top weight from the top weight and make a note of the difference
5. Go through all of the days handicap races and do the same procedure on each race
6. The system selection is the top weight that is set to carry the biggest margin of weight over the second top weight
7. This system will select really classy horses
Staking plan. A really simple staking plan is to place your bet to win the race unless the price is bigger than 4/1 in which case back your selection each way



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