Handicapping And The Effect Of Weight In Horse Racing


Is the weight of a horse really an important factor when selecting your bets?

Does a few pounds really affect the performance of a horse that weighs anything from 700lbs to 1000lbs plus?

The answer is A DEFINITE YES!

The official handicapper has been using weight to level the playing field for years.

If weight was meaningless then they wouldn't do it!

There are however a few ways we can use the weight to help find a winning horse, although no system is totally foolproof.

When examining the form of a race, here is a quick method for using weight as a selection method..

Top weight handicap method

System Rules:
In handicap races only, select the horse that is giving the biggest weight concession of the day (the largest weight difference between a top and a second-top weight).

Should there be joint qualifiers have a wager on each horse.

Methods Logic:
The horse at the top of the handicap is officially rated as being the best horse in the race. Therefore, the horse giving the biggest weight concession is also the horse with the biggest class advantage.

The effect of weight is often overstated, so the class advantage can often prove more effective than the penalty.



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