Horse Racing Method For Multiple Betting – How To Get Rich Quick With An Exacta Bet


Horse Racing Method For Multiple Betting - How To Get Rich Quick With An Exacta Bet

By Paul John Coleman

This method of betting I am about to explain relies on using the very accurate betting forecast prices of a Daily Newspaper of specialist racing paper. This is a no-nonsense system, just priceless information that will probably have never occurred to you and will keep you in winning bets for years to come. As with any betting method try to stick with the given rules below.

    1. This system can be used with any Daily newspaper that show how the favourites figured over the last seven years. At the bottom of the Daily Mail newspapers race card you will find a list of figures showing you the results over the last seven years. For example, 1 0 0 3 2 0 2 this would certainly be a race to avoid.


    1. What you need to look for is a race where the first, second or third favourite has won every year. For example figures of, 1 2 3 1 2 1 3 this means the race has been run to form over the last seven-year period.


    1. The first thing you must do is to choose a race in which an outsider has not won the race. You could limit it to a race where just 1 or 2 outsiders have won. This is shown with a zero (0).


    1. When you have selected the appropriate race then select the first three in the betting forecast prices and place them in a combination Exacta bet . This will be six bets in total.


    1. The combination bet you choose will depend on the betting forecast prices of these 3 horses. If the favourite is quoted at odds of 3/1 choose a four-horse combination Exacta bet which will be 12 bets in total


  1. The forecast prices quoted in newspapers are a very accurate guide as the probable Starting Prices horses. On some occasions you could have a five-horse combination Exacta if the forecast favourite is in the 6/1 plus range as the race would be more competitive.

Start with a small betting bank and bet in as low as 10 pence stakes to try the method out. As your betting bank doubles then you could double your stakes. One of the specialist horse racing papers such as The Racing Post or The Sporting Life will have more accurate betting forecast prices but the Daily Mail is pretty good and is the paper I personally use myself.

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