Horse Racing Newspaper Tipsters – The Best Way To Use Them

How to use your newspaper tipster to get winners

If you love betting but not spending hours studying form you're not alone.

Many punters enjoy betting on horses but don't like the daily grind of hours of pouring over the form books.

Don't get me wrong I'm a professional  but I do understand that a lot of people don't have the sort of time I get to pick my selections

The only thing you'll need for this method of picking good priced winners is your daily newspaper or a racing post.

In the racing post you'll find there is a tipsters table for each race. This table lists every daily newspaper tipster selections.

Our goal as gamblers is to find horses that really have a reason to win, but aren't bet down to such low odds that we can't make money.


Choose the newspaper tipster of your choice and only bet if his selection if it isn't the favourite.

This will still give you many bets and playable races, but will weed out those horses that are obvious to every punter that usually get backed into ridiculous short odds.

Stick with one tipster per meeting . If you do this for a while, you'll soon learn which tipsters are good at picking winners that aren't the obvious favuorites.

These are the ones to follow!

paul coleman
paul coleman

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