How To Lay Horses To Lose And Make Money From Horseracing


How To Lay Horses To Lose And Make Money From Horseracing


Horseracing has always been very well-known way with some punters who like to have a flutter in the wish of winning some cash. The truth is there are bookies on every street in the country vying for your business now. It is a leisure activity that has always been very popular. After the gambling exchanges such as betfair came along, they presented a new form of gambling where you could bet on a horse or a team in a sporting event not to win a competition. This was an eye-catching alternative instead of trying to choose the winning horse. This was known as a lay betting or laying as it is otherwise known.

Apart from the horseracing professionals, most novice punters do not know how to bet on horse to lose. The great thing about lay gambling is that there is a much better possibility of choosing a bad horse when in comparison to properly determining the victorious one. When you place a lay bet you take on the part of the bookie. For the bet to become equalled, you need a backer to take the odds that you are providing. If your bet comes in the amount you get back is the backer's stake. If your bet were to be not successful then you would have to pay out the backer's odds times by your stake.

The art of laying horses to lose does offer a better versatility as opposed to conventional method of gambling on horses to win a race. It can generate significant income if it is used properly. You can recognize appropriate horses to bet on by using a laying system. These systems contain proven methods for choosing poor short odds horses. You can also sign up to a tipster service by subscription every week or per month fee in return for lay bets sent via email.

Some ways to spot a poor horse to lay are

1. Is the horse running on unfavourable ground conditions
2. Is the trainer out of form
3. Is the jockey out of form
4. Is the horse running over a new trip
5. Has the horse been off the track for a long time
6. Has the horse an unfavourable draw
7. Is the horse running in a much higher class of race

Both of these techniques can work well but regardless of which one you choose the liability of using sensible betting stakes continues to be your responsibility. You should make sure that you perform your lay gambling actions with sensible money management control techniques. After reading this article, you should now have a better idea of how to bet on horse to lose.

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