How To Make Money From Horse Racing Using Jockey Statistics



How To Make Money From Horse Racing


For all the elegance of horse racing, the jockey has a very risky job.

He has to, deal with other horses and their jockeys and guide his horse to the winning line. Many jockeys are injured or even killed each season.


When the race begins, the jockey has to deal with the other horses and jockeys, all trying to get to the head of the field. The jockey must know his horse's capability to break from the starting stalls, whether it's on the rail, in the centre, or on the far right. He must be cautious that his horse doesn't get encased in by other horses, enclosed so firmly by so many horses that he can't shift out, or gets pushed out wide on the tracks turns... All these are elements the jockey must perform while going at 30 mph on a very large animal.


Some horses really like to run from the head of the pack others like to hang back and let the others set the speed. The jockey must know what his mount prefers to do and is best at and then choose the best time to make a move. If the going is wet or sticky, the jockey must know his horse's capability to run well in the mud. Mud delivers up another problem: the mud tossed up by the horses at the head of the field following back to the horses and jockeys behind. Some horses can't manage the traveling mud very well.


As you obtain understanding of your local racecourse and the type of horse and jockey that tends to win there, you will come to know which jockeys can do best at the various distances and track conditions. When you discover a horse that looks promising and his jockey has a record of being effective in the existing track conditions you may have discovered an excellent bet.


Many novice punters have a tendency to bet on the jockey, looking to back them because of their name or they like the jockey's silk colours or some other aspect. Professional punters know that while the jockey is riding the horse he is basically "along for the trip."
The horse is the athlete in the competition, the jockey's job is to guide and steer the horse so that it can do what he is bred to do: run like the wind and win the race.


The other issue with betting on the jockey is that the best jockeys usually get the best horse, which has the smallest odds, which makes them unappealing for gambling. It's best to have an excellent jockey on your horse, but an excellent horse is the first must.


One tip. While there aren't many women jockeys, those that get to the top like Hayley Turner are regularly excellent, even though they may not get the best rides... When they do get an excellent horse, there could be a good bet in there somewhere.

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