How to pick a winning horse at the racetrack

How to pick a winning horse at the racetrack


PS My horse racing service operates all year round, 12 months of the year - Flat, National Hunt and All Weather.

I involve myself only with racing information of the highest possible calibre.

All the winners mentioned previously have been backed with my own money, are 100% authentic and can be fully verified by inspection of my betting accounts.

On average approximately 10 to 12 special gambles per month. Most gambles are over 4/1 and any bet returned at a starting price of less than 4/1 will be completely free!

Bets will be graded according to strength - maximum 10 points - minimum 1 point

Information is supplied by my special private telephone number - low cost - no premium rate changes.

Once you have joined my service there are no hidden extras and there is no other obligation on your behalf. I do not expect you to place bets for me, nor do I require any percentage of your winnings. You simply phone my number, place your bets as required and all the winnings are for you to keep in full.

Finally please note that for all payments by credit card, postal order or cash the contact number for my service will be despatched immediately your order has been processed. However for payments by cheque please allow the necessary time for bank clearance before the number is despatched,

May I urge you to join for as long a period as possible so that you will no have to be concerned about renewing your subscription and therefore miss out on any big priced winners! Also may I stress the need for you to rush your order to ensure that you qualify for my heavily discounted terms and also to be in on the planned gamble in the near future with odds anticipated to be in access of 16/1, which could recoup all initial outlay with plenty of interest added! I therefore look forward to hearing from you and to do business for many profitable seasons to come.

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