How To Pick Good Selections For Golf Betting



Golf Betting - How To Make It Pay


There's usually at least one golf competition being played somewhere each week. And most online internet betting sites will be providing odds on the result. The odds on offer for some players to win the competition are usually quite big or may seem so, but you have to keep in mind that most tournaments have 156 players at the beginning of the competitions so it's very big odds of picking the actual winner.


So how can you increase the possibility of picking the winner in your favour?


You can begin by removing any individual player over the odds of 150/1. During the season there will be a number of competitions won by players at large prices, but it seldom ever happens and it's worth discounting any player over 150/1.


This should only leave you with around one third of the remaining players to consider, usually around 40+ level.

You should then look to begin to research the form of the remaining players. The two PGA golf sites have a lot of player and competition statistics available and they are a crucial resource for anyone seeking to have a bet on a golf competition.


If a golfer is out of form and has never made the cut in his last two or three competitions it's beneficial to hold out from backing him until he returns to his normal form before placing any cash on him. That will probably decrease the size of the field by another 5 or 6 players.


You should then look for players with previous good form over the course or a course that is very identical in its layout. In the same way any golfer that has formerly done well in the competition in the last few years has to be regarded.


Players who are currently in an excellent run of form must also be included in your calculations of possible champions and should be on your short list.


Lastly look for a combination of any player with reasonable form, plays well on the course and has won a previous tournament at this course. This should significantly narrow down the field of prospective players to consider.


It's important to note that a lot of bookies offer pay-outs on the first four or five placed players. So each way betting can be profitable especially if your final selection is big a big price.


Once you have chosen the player(s) you think have a reasonable possibility of winning or being placed, check out all of the online bookmakers to discover the best odds available.


There is a lot of gambling odds comparison sites you can use and you can see at a glance the bookmaker that is providing the best prices on your selection.

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