How To Use A Portfolio Of Horse Racing Systems For Betting Success


How To Use A Portfolio Of Systems


Back in 2003, I developed the idea of using a portfolio of horse racing systems - essentially several systems into one package.

When following systems you should never rely on just one or two golden geese to lay golden eggs. It is far better to treat horse racing systems like trading on the stock market and keep a portfolio of diverse systems.

It will take you time to develop a good portfolio, but a good place to start is with your own methods and systems. If you can read form, and understand the concept of value, then you can develop your own methods of making good selections.

When creating your portfolio you need to spend time testing different systems and strategies until you find the ones that make a profit. You are looking for around 10-12 different methods.

After you have your systems then paper-trade the methods for at least three months to test their profitability. This means you should follow a method or tipster or system for three months to see if theoretically you would have made a profit.

Once you are happy with the performance of a particular method then proceed to award it a place in your portfolio, and start trading with actual cash.
The reason for this portfolio approach is to mirror what many stock market traders have done for many years in the City, which essentially spreads the risk.

We all have seen successful racing systems go through bad runs, and this approach is designed to account for a system or systems that are going through a difficult, losing spell - the other systems will then balance out most of the results.

This is ideal if you want a smoother ride with your betting and do not want too major ups and downs with your wagers..

The portfolio approach should give punters this smoother ride with shorter losing runs.

My idea therefore was to find several systems that would potentially produce a fair profit on a yearly basis.

The aim was to eventually have between 10 and 12 systems to put into the portfolio and i have now achieved this.

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