How To Use Each Way Betting on Horse Racing to Your Advantage

How To Use Each Way Betting on Horse Racing to Your Advantage


To comprehend this article content in full, it is essential that you have an obvious knowledge of what an Each Way Bet is all about.

If you're a little uncertain, please read up on the basics of placing an Each Way bet.

As you will now know, an Each-Way bet is actually TWO wagers of the same quantity on the WIN and the PLACE.

This new betting technique I will explain to you actually includes the position of THREE wagers.

To keep it easy, let's say that your horse racing selections odds are 8/1 in a race which will pay a one fourth the odds if the horse is placed.

Presumably, you will have arrived at this choice of selection because you think the horse has a very excellent possibility of being successful in the race but you're not 100% sure hence the purpose for supporting it Each-Way.

What you can do is have a conventional Each-Way bet of (say) £10 Each-Way.
This bet will cost you £20.

If your horse is successful, you will obtain £80 profits from the WIN aspect plus £20 from the PLACE aspect for a complete of 100 profits (plus, of course, your £20 stake is returned).

If your horse merely gets placed then your profits would be £20 (plus your £10 PLACE stake returned).

The revenue in this example is therefore just £10.

The Each Way alternative Technique includes you putting on your Each-Way bet as regular but you will also place a further WIN bet on the horse of £10.

This, of course means now that your total stake is £30 but if your horse wins the competition, you will now obtain £180 (plus your £30 stake back).

If your horse only places, you will have got your stake money back. No profit but no loss either and this is what we are trying to accomplish.

The PLACE aspect of the each way bet is there completely to provide you the possibility of getting your stake money back.

We all go through periods of horses coming second where everything we bet on just seems to get pipped. A sequence of failures such as this can impact you mentally - it is obviously not good for your gambling betting pot either.

However, this technique of Each Way gambling reduces losses (keeping mind, body and betting bank intact) but, at the same time, maximizes profit potential.

The figures used in this article are for demonstration purposes only.

Obviously, you would change the levels of your stakes regards to the odds of the horses and whether it is 1/5 or 1/4 of the odds payout. Remember: the concept is to restore ALL your stakes money (but make no profit) if your horse places but doesn't win.

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