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Serious minded private clients can now share in inside secrets of the very highest quality

“Let me show you how to win thousands of tax free cash from your bookmaker.

A once only opportunity to share and seriously profit from my incredible….

winning information”


looking through binoculars


This information isn't for dreamers of rip-off artists…Its for the rest of us.

Its for everyone who wants to put the odds in their favour and not get scammed.

Its for someone who only wants to spend as little time as possible accessing genuine inside information, and then act upon it on a regular basis to ensure he or she has the best possible chance of making Serious Tax Free Cash.

Perhaps this describes you?

It is with great pleasure that I now contact you with an offer of incredible integrity and profit making potential.

I am now in a position to offer you an opportunity to both save money, whilst also now for the first time ever to share in incredibly successful and accurate money making information.

I am certain you are already aware that i am well connected within racings fraternity and inner sanctum, I deal directly with the shrewdest trainers, jockeys and work riders in the UK.

Among other things I am currently one of the main professionals in the UK my opinion, inside and expert view is hugely respected by other racing professionals.

I work extremely hard on behalf of all my private clients. My daily routine includes …

  • Watching work on the newmarket gallops
  • Visiting stables for dark horse information
  • Talking to hundreds of trainers jockeys and owners very year

Discover The Real Secrets To Making Consistent Profits From Horse Racing …

Yes you can rest assure I am at the very forefront of UK racing on a daily basis. Other tipsters may claim they are well informed , but ask yourself this…

Would you really appreciate daily access to the information and analysis from someone who really is at the cutting edge?

This is what I said to someone who came up to me at the racetrack. He asked me why he should consider joining my insider service …

“My service is for anyone who wants to take their betting seriously. my aim is to supply very special information from sources I deal directly with. Therefore every piece of insider information i pass onto my clients is 100% genuine.

I have a proven track record and concentrate on Flat, alL weather and National Hunt information.

I endeavour to supply members of my insider and very private first class professional service”

As you are probably aware I am based very near to Newmarket which as you know this is the headquarters of British Racing. I am also friends with many of the top racing professionals.

There has been no better time to join forces with me … with the majority of well established money making options and investments no longer viable, this is the optimum time to take advantage of my amazing profitable opportunity.

I really do believe I have the shrewdest contacts in racing and my clients would agree

Lists of Winners?

Absolutely anyone can make a list of a sequence of winning horses. But the truth is this …

The well established and amazingly reliable insider information that my clients and I profit from is seriously sensitive.

It is so incredible sensitive therefore I am not about to submit a list of horses so that anyone can view and analyse the stables and connections that are my most reliable.

All the professionals that I know with genuine information and sources that make them thousands keep the selections shielded from any outside parties.

Upon joining members can see the full picture. If you spoke right now to one of my existing clients they would confirm the success of the many shrewd stables whom provide us with winners and insider information.

The very information that insures our success and profit.

This is what I am willing to confirm …. only recently I have been at the very forefront of a series of hugely successful gambles, a whole string of which were based from just two stables.

“The offer I want you to consider is in my mind, an opportunity liken other and certainly far superior than anything you may have received in the past. This is why I honestly believe you can trust in me to deliver you consistent substantial profits”

As I have stated, the need for confidentiality dictates that the names of these winners cannot be reproduced but I can assure you they were ….

Very Easy Big Priced Winning Gambles

Let me confirm a few statistics right now …
As with everything the harder you work the luckier you get and as a result of some incredible had work last year i can confirm that my contacts and I returned my members phenomenally consistent results……

64% Winning Strike Rate!

Yes unlike many other services we are on a serious upward curve and therefore i have no hesitation in charging my usual fee for full membership

I can now offer you one of the restricted 70 membership places available so
brace yourself for one of the most exciting betting opportunities of your lifetime!

This is your golden moment! Your Chance to grab your share of an avalanche of cash by simply being in the right place at the right time, with the right people!

Never before has such awesome wealth potential landed in the lap of the betting layman!

You're simply in the right Place at the right time.

For the first time ever you can now join my select and exclusive UK private insider contacts and have daily access to our selections. I have shown with an enviable consistency that my information is without doubt the most accurate and profitable any private backer could wish to receive.

I can assure you that all my clients back my well regarded winners and potentially make a fortune in Tax Free Cash.
If you love to invest exclusively on 100% well prepared runners rather than using a racing tipster with an ill informed scatter gun effect then this is without doubt the opportunity for you.

This is without a single doubt every gamblers and investors dream come true!

Remember this is the first time ever you can now access and information of the highest quality. Information that can potentially leverage you a full time income utilising our unique advise and insider information!

This season looks set to be truly wonderful as i am already privy to a whole series of horses that are set to ….

Land Major Big Priced Gambles

Being based near to Newmarket I am extremely well informed and completely in the know, that goes without saying, but i must stress and highlight that the horses that are set and prepared to win over the coming season are some the best i have ever known.

PS Please ensure … You truly appreciate and fully consider this one time only invitation and then I hope you rightly decide to join me as i have stated there are only 70 place available. Once they have gone thats it you will have missed the boat and your chance will have gone forever.

Remember you have a 64% chance to make your bookmaker pay for your subscription today!!!

Don't hesitate a moment longer!





This is your golden moment! a chance to grab your fair share of an avalanche of cash by simply being in the right place at the right time with the right people OR I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!







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