Free Simple Horse Racing System

Free Simple Horse Racing System




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Backing Odds On Horses

Backing Odds On Horses

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Horse Racing Winning
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Profitable Betting Angles

Profitable Betting Angles

Horse Racing Systems and Methods 
1. Horse Racing Systems and Betting Angles to Find Winners
2. Horse Racing Systems and Methods Some pro punters use speed rating some use systems based on weight. Others go on trainer form and jockey form. Others base their selections on class or recent form. Many use a mix of different strategies to find value bets. To become good at picking horses requires years of study but you can make the process easier by using horse racing methods or systems for picking winners.
3. Horse Racing Systems and Methods Many punters have asked me if horse racing computer software works. I tend to find that using software does not take into account things such as the changing going conditions or a trainer suddenly going through a bad patch. Most computer software is based on the current form of a horse so it may be worth trying in the higher class non-handicap races or group races. Some online racing websites even have a race simulator based on data from past performances to see what the most expected results of the race are.
4. Horse Racing Systems and Methods There is no simple method that will make you a fortune overnight but there are some systems that will allow you to beat the bookmakers on a regular enough basis to make a long-term profit from the game. Some angles that systems are based around are looking at horses that have been heavily backed from their early morning price. I look for a horse has halved in price from say 10/1 into 5/1. Price movements at the bigger festivals are worth an extra look.
5. Horse Racing Systems and Methods One method of betting that can work for novice gamblers is called dutching. This is where you fancy several horses in a race to win. You back them all and adjust your wagers so that whatever horse wins you still make a profit. There are plenty of free dutching calculators available online that allow you to work out the correct stakes for each horse.
6. Horse Racing Systems and Methods Make notes of horses that get into trouble in a race and still win. Most horses cannot overcome trouble to win a race but an exceptional horses can. Some horse miss the break at the start of a race, they can get blocked in the final run in or get bumped. If you spot any horse like this and it still goes on to win or place it may pay to back them next time out. If a trainer is making a jockey switch from an average jockey to an exceptional jockey it is definitely worth consideration. Trainers put top jockey on their rides for a reason and the horses tend to be at the peak of winning ability and go on to win. After a while you may come up with your own mix of racing methods and systems that work for you
7. Horse Racing Systems and Methods Paul Coleman is a professional horse racing form expert. Paul runs a free Horse Racing email tipping service. You can join free at: You can also claim another free horse racing method at:

Placepot In Horse Racing

Placepot In Horse Racing

Free horse racing system to use with the tote placepot
1. Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet WWW.RACINGANDFOOTBALL.COM
2. Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet Placepot pools at some of the bigger meetings such as Royal Ascot or The Cheltenham festival can be massive so are worth doing at these events. Winnings are declared to a 1 stake but you can make a smaller stake, say 10p or 20p per bet. In this bet you will have to choose a horse at the first 6 races of any meeting to finish first in races with 4 runners or less. First or second in races with 5,6 or 7 runners. First, second or third in races or 8 runners or more. Handicap races of 16 or more runners your selection must finish in the first 4.
3. Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet You can select more than one horse in each race to give you more chance of successfully landing the bet. So, for example, you might want to have two selections in five of the races with one race covered by one horse that you think should be a banker to make the frame. The bet then looks like this; 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 = 32 bets
4. Free Horse Racing System For Use With the Tote Placepot Bet Here is a simple placepot system, which pays out quite often 1. Choose the main meeting of the day. This is the meeting usually with the most prize money and better quality horses. 2. In Handicap races your selections will be the two horses highest in the weights. These will be the two horses numbered 1 and 2 on the newspapers racecard. 3. In Non-Handicap races your selections will be the first and third horses in the newspapers betting forecast prices. This will be a total of 64bets 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64 bets Why not give it a try with small stakes for a start to see it's potential. Until next time be lucky!
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Horse Racing System Ideas

Horse Racing System Ideas


Four golden rules to ensure a winning horse racing system
1. Four Golden Rules To Ensure A Winning Horse Racing System Let's face it, no one places a wager because they want to get rid of their money do they? Now I know that may be stating the obvious somewhat, but the way many individuals bet you would think that it was their aim. Although the game of horseracing is interesting, as a gambler you need to quit gambling for the enjoyment value of the game, and adhere to a four phase strategy that will allow you to create a useful earnings flow from gambling……
2. 1. Sticking to Your Horse Racing method is A Must 1. Sticking to Your Horse Racing method is A Must So what do I mean by this exactly? Well, whether you use a racing tipster, gambling application or you select your own wagers, you need to select your bets, back them and then quit. The main factor that you should do is not to chase your losses by putting on more bets, or increasing your staking levels, this is a large error that many novice gamblers make. Equally, you should not heap on more cash in an attempt to win more, as you need to make your gambling like a financial investment. To not do so is fatal. It is also very essential to add here that if your gambling method does not emphasize a bet on a given day, then you should have the self-discipline to keep your cash in your wallet. If you have a strategy from the beginning and stick to it, you will secure yourself from creating the essential faults that a lot of gamblers do. Something that I discuss to a lot of gamblers is to start acting like a pro-punter. It is known that implementing a more targeted mind-set will help you creating better choices, rather than having the haphazard strategy that most betting shop gamblers have. Being targeted and expert about your gambling may not appear at first to be a fun factor to do, but it works. And it's no fun to keep losing so I know which technique I would rather choose.
3. 2. Using a Betting Pot Is Very Important 2. Using a Betting Pot Is Very Important This guideline actually follows the first one quite perfectly, as it can be the first sensible phase in implementing a more targeted and expert mind-set to gambling on horseracing. One factor that you should never do is bet with cash that you cannot manage to lose. Economically it is just not very sensible, plus it will also mean that you're gambling will no more be determined by your racing system or your gambling program, but instead they will become intensely affected by your feelings, which furthermore is covered in the next guideline. The expert way to bet is to look at how much you can begin securely gambling with, no matter how big or little that may be, and to make your betting pot based on that. So in reality and just to highlight this very essential factor, this is basically a sum of cash which you could, in the toughest situation, manage to lose. It is far better to begin with even a very low betting bank, and to bet very little levels to begin with, secure in the understanding that you are gambling within your means, than it would be to possibly leave yourself short or take a loan for the requirements of gambling. Of course, as you become more effective in your wagers, so your betting pot develops and allows you to bet more cash per stake on your given racing system selections, but do not run before you can walk.
4. 3. Do Not Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide 3. Do Not Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide I do hope that you can see a sensible sequence here. First of all you have a strategy. Then you need a set sum of cash set aside to perform your strategy. The purpose that the first two are essential fundamentals is that if done effectively, they will stop your emotions that could impact your gambling. Once your emotions begin having a say in your racing selections, you begin to make bad choices, I kid you not. To confirm this go to a bookie and just take a look at the individuals there. Do they seem happy? The truth is that many gamblers do not bet with a strategy or a gambling betting bank, but they place bets on horses because of the name of the jockey, or even worse, backing a horse because their last bet lost and they are trying to chase their losses. This is not the way to do it and again, it may not be too difficult, however the amount of betting shop punters gambling like this each day would run into countless numbers I would think, so do not drop into this same pitfall. Losing runs are an inevitable aspect of horse racing and so you need to create a practice of not enabling it hassle you. You need to have trust in your given system selections, enabling feelings to interfere with your gambling is not the way to do it. Adhering to the strategy, remaining targeted and not worrying, is the way to do it.
5. 4. Keep a History of Your Bets 4. Keep a History of Your Bets I would think that this is something that most individuals do not do and yet it is so easy, as all you need is some time and a note pad. Keeping a history of your wagers is so essential, as you need to know how you're betting is developing. Once again, its treating betting like any other business that will set you apart from most punters, the ideal, effective gambler who goes about his betting in an established way will get ahead of the casual gambler that you see in the betting shops (as described above). To keep a record of your bets all I do is note the time, the horse, the racetrack and the result. Do not ignore of course to write down how much money you staked and what odds the horse was, and that's it. These rules are all you need really.
6. You Have No Excuses Now You Have No Excuses Now And there you have it. These four guidelines are the foundation to your achievements when gambling on horse racing. And as you can see, it needs little effort to do so there is really is no purpose why you cannot do this. Paul Coleman is a professional horse racing form expert and runs a very successful Horse Racing email tipping service. You can join at:

Football Gambling Systems Free


1. Free Football Betting Systems That Work
2. I have been betting on football matches now for over 10 years and have spent many hours testing systems, accumulative bets, Trixie's etc. I wanted to find a method that was very simple but effective and just had lots of winning days. Football can be unpredictable. We can look at a fixture and be 100% sure that a team will win but you can't take into account payers making mistakes or poor performances etc.
3. For this system you need a home banker combined with a home/draw/away result from a second match. This means that three points are staked on this bet altogether. You need to be pretty sure about your banker selection, as it needs to win for the bet to come in. So take your time over picking this match. As an example say your home banker team wins at evens price and the second teams prices are home win evens, draw 12/5, and away win 10/3. If your banker wins the home/home return for the double will be four points making a 1-point profit. If your banker wins and second teams draws this will return 6.8 points making a profit of 3.8 points. If your home banker wins and the second match is an away win the return will be 8.6 points a profit of 5.6 points.
4. You can make even more of a profit by shopping around different bookmakers for the bets odds for each double Remember the art to this bet is finding a nailed on home banker to win. You have to put out of your mind all of the bad bets and habits you have had in the past and follow these certain rules that consistently increase your chances of winning. Place this bet at the last possible moment so you can check for any last minute team's selections managerial changes of injuries to key players with your banker selections.
5. You can make even more of a profit by shopping around different bookmakers for the bets odds for each double Remember the art to this bet is finding a nailed on home banker to win. You have to put out of your mind all of the bad bets and habits you have had in the past and follow these certain rules that consistently increase your chances of winning. Place this bet at the last possible moment so you can check for any last minute team's selections managerial changes of injuries to key players with your banker selections.
6. If you want to pick your own selections on the football this year hear are a few golden rules. 1. Only bet what you can afford 2. Set aside a pool of money just for gambling. This will be your betting bank 3. Be patient and disciplined 4. Don't be greedy. It's no good winning large amounts the losing it 5. Check the home team are in form and scoring goals 6. Check team news, missing players etc. 7. Be careful when betting in local derbies. Sometimes form goes out of the window in these events 8. Keep a strict record of all your bets 9. And lastly, good luck and I hope you win lots of tax free money this season
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