Tote Jackpot Betting When You Should Get Involved


Tote Jackpot Betting

The Tote Jackpot can pay massive dividends to knowledgeable players at the expense of the average punter. You can't make a regular profit from this type of bet but the savvy punter who knows when it is the right time to invest and when to stay out can gain a massive advantage over ordinary punters. Here is my guide to when it's best to be on:

You must find the first six winners on the chosen card by the Tote (I didn't say it would be easy!) So its up to you to choose carefully when to get involved.

The best time is when the Jackpot has not been won and it has rolled over to a nice pot of cash. We then need the chosen meeting to have a few short priced banker winners we have confidence in and then we can perm out the other races in a perm within your limits.

Patience and observance is the main rule. If you keep your eyes open sooner or later and nice big pot rolls over onto a relatively easy card. Keep out of the Jackpot until this situation arises and then lump on big time.

In midsummer look out for Jackpot cards on small fields on a Sunday or Monday. It could prove an excellent betting opportunity as with a few hot favourites and a couple of difficult but not impossibly hard handicaps you could get a nice dividend.

Don't just randomly place a few horses in each race. The best way is at least 2 banker horses, 2 selections in two races and wider coverage in the other two races.

I always cover my 2 or 3 banker horses in a separate accumulative bet as nothing is worse than all your bankers winning and still your jackpot bet goes down! This way you will gain some compensation.

You must have €bankers€ to trap all six winners and if there are no favourites in the betting forecast quoted at less than 2/1 its best to stay out as it will be way to tricky.

Don't invest just because the pool has run up to a massive amount. If this goes to an impossible meeting, stay out and save your money ready to invest for a full on assault on an easier looking card.

It takes time, to find the right cards to bet on but after a while you will become more experienced at spotting the right opportunities to play the Jackpot and possibly land yourself a small fortune.

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