What Everyone Should Know About Inside Information If You Want To Bet and Win On Horse Racing?

Many people don't realize that most of the cash that is won at horse racing is actually won by punters who have some sort of inside information.

Some Syndicates own horses and get the nod from the trainer when the trainer assures them of a win. They also buy information from speed ratings experts and other insider professional tipsters.

Using inside Information is part of horse racing and everyone involved in the game has some form of it. There is nothing illegal about using Inside Information. Just be careful not to misuse it such as passing it on to punters to use on the exchanges when playing lay bets

Many stables are known to plot the course of a horse's career path. Apart from the top class group animals that are seen to their best potential from day one, nearly all others follow a path planned by the trainer.

To win money regularly over the long term you need to be backing horses that are overpriced by the bookies and therefore value bets. To do this consistently you need know someone that has a connection to the yard that trained the horse.

Any quality tipster has many connections throughout the racing game and it is these connections that supply the tipster with the inside info which the tipster has paid for. By being involved with a professional tipster you are privileged enough to know what day to back a horse and when to not have a bet on it.

Professional horse racing tipsters have been going for many years now. The difference between those that are excellent and those that are average is a matter for research.

1. I myself only get inside info from highly trusted staff employed in senior positions in a combination of both Flat and Jumps horse racing establishments.

2. When the information is received it is analyzed by both our own form study expert and our own speed figures professional.

Doing this we are gaining an insight into every possible result of the race we are considering for gambling purposes.

3. We then consult with our market mover's man. He will then inform us of any well connected money coming in for any horse in opposition.

The inside information we get is not given out until every possible risk has been analysed. Only then we will then pass out the selection as a bet to clients.

To make money from inside information means patience, discipline and sensible staking from you will ensure growth on your initial investment.

Paul Coleman is a keen horse racing follower who specializes in UK racing. If you want my betting selections, reviews and more free gambling information why not take a look at my website Here!



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