Winning Football System

How A Kid From Northamptonshire Can Make You Around £700 Each Week…


Instead of Working All Week For A Few Hundred Pounds….

…….Heres How to Make Double That….In Just 7 Minutes!


I wont beat about the bush, I’ll come straight out and tell you how I earn around £700 per week.

Wheres the catch I here you ask.

There isn't one. I earn around £700 a week from this system and it takes me just a few minutes to make it. But you will be able to do it in about 7 to 10 minutes at the very most.



Great then let me tell you a little about myself if you haven't already read about me.

So where do I get my money from?

This may sound so unusual to you that you may want to throw away this letter in disbelief, or feel compelled to read it over and over again, so here goes….

My name is Paul Coleman. I don't need to work anymore as I make enough money from my portfolio of betting systems, plans and strategies.

And one of my systems makes £700 a week from betting on theo outcome of football bets. Its not by chance either. I know exactly how to win and I do it betting on fixed odds football every week.

So how can I win sizeable sums of money every week when most people fail miserably?

Well I have spent years developing an astonishingly successful winning football strategy which has stood the test of time and simply provides me with cash wins over and over again.

Heres Why It Works So Fantastically….

Firstly winning at football is a bit like baking a cake. Follow a good recipe and you will end up with a great cake. BUT… try it without a recipe and all you get is a sticky horrible mess.

Likewise, just guessing how to bet on the outcome of football games won't win you a penny.

And guessing is what most people do and that is why they lose and then go around telling everyone who'll listen about how only the bookmakers make any money. This is complete rubbish when you know how many people actually win money for their living year in year out.

Theres a science behind everything that happens in the world from baking a cake to launching a space rocket. And a few years ago I DISCOVERED AND UNRAVELLED A SET OF SCIENCE BASED PRINCIPLES THAT CRACKED AND BLEW THE GAME OF FIXED ODDS FOOTBALL WIDE OPEN!

By using this precise scientific logic, guess work was eliminated…and winning was turned into a mechanical n emotional event. Every forecast then became a certain profit.

Also I don't get greedy. I use my winning strategy to win around £700 every week. If I used it to win more than his then people would get nosey and start to ask questions.
If you can fully understand and then use the scientific principles then all the guesswork is scientifically eliminated. Thats why nearly every football forecast I make automatically becomes a certain profit.

My devastating football forecasting system is without doubt the most powerful tool anyone has ever seen and together with my unique staking plans make a very formidable and powerful cash winning combination.

“They Wont Leave Me Alone!”

Now because of my winning strategy, I was constantly in demand from both my family and my ever growing band of friends, to give them my winning selections every week. It was starting to get silly and impossible to keep everyone happy. I also began to realise that it was me who was doing all the work -coming up with the winning selections week after week and getting littler no thanks from them. Even though I was winning money myself, I felt that I should be rewarded for my efforts a little.
What was required was some sort of step by step plan that would supply a number of guaranteed correctly forecast selections which could then be used by everyone who joined me.

I did just that and it worked well, I was covering my expenses and my family and friends were constantly winning sizeable lumps of money each week. But the word was spreading fast and it became clear than my system would be of interest to punters all over the UK. To do this however I needed to make a large investment an completely redesign my system and relaunch it.

This is how my winning system was born and is currently the UK’s to performing football system of its kind.

What was once just a list of football matches for family and friends, became a complete hugely profitable step by step system making clients a great deal of money each week.
All clients need to do is place the bets with a bookmaker over the phone, on the internet or at a high street bookmakers and collect YOUR winnings! All details will be supplied in your system welcome pack.

Simple isn't it?

O course it is. And the ever increasing number of clients proves that my system is winning week in week out and is now the most successful system of its kind.
Current clients include housewives, doctors, solicitors, unemployed, gardeners, retired people and even a bookmaker!

All these people are winning substantial amounts of money from my system and are very glad they purchase it!

Why Not Join Them and Start Winning Yourself Next Week?

Winning money from betting on football matches is now very easy - provided you have exceptional winning information and this I have with my incredible system. This is very simply the best business stop get involved with as there is no selling, no early says and no long hours.

I have constantly been winning now for many years. I have to use many different bookmakers to rotate my bets so as to to bring suspicion on my constant winning runs! you might feel the need to do the same when you start winning £700 or £800 each week from the system.

Fancy Winning Money For Yourself Next Week?

Forget your worries over money and grab your copy of my brand new football system. I guarantee you will NOT regret it. you might move to Spain, Australia the algarve etc because you can still use my system and collect your winnings from anywhere in the world with the use of the internet.

If anyone says to you thats its impossible to win money for a living they are wrong. You only have to loo at the professionals in the business and myself to see it just isn't true and to be honest it has never been. My amazing lifestyle alone proves it.

Those that tell you you cant win are the punters that bet on any old tips then lose every week. If they had purchased my winning system in the first place their attitudes would be very different. But I probably didn't invite them like I am inviting you.

How Can You Get a Copy?

My winning football system is worth its weight in gold and you will earn hundreds of pounds with it but naturally it doesn't and cannot come free.

Recently my staff have been overwhelmed with calls from people pleading with with them to try and persuade me to let them have it for less then the price of £357.

What can I say … my arm has been twisted so far it has gone full circle!!

So far for a very limited time the UK’s number 1 football system can be yours for just £177!!

A piddly £177 a very small price to pay for information that will earn you hundreds every week - don't you agree?

Its got to be worth a shot even if you only manage to win a couple of thousand for yourself.

By the way just £20 on each system selections last season won us £4500

I am offering you the chance to earn literally thousands of pounds from my unique system that predicts winning football bets every week.

For just £177 you will receive the very best football system in this field and will even guarantee to put you in profit within the first month! you'll have nothing to lose but everything to win.


As I said before this football system is worth its weight in gold, and as you can imagine the copies available do get snapped up very quickly, so please grab your copy today so that you don't miss out.

There are some excellent wins coming up this season. I intend to have another profitable year again and my system buyers will as well. So join today while I still have copies available for you. And just in case you are wondering we double our money every time we win!

Simply buy now below and your bumper welcome pack and system will be mailed straight to you. Then this weekend you'll be collecting your winnings.

I look forward to receiving your order.

PS Its so easy to win. Simply back the systems selections and collect your winnings. Sounds easy? Well it is easy and you'll love it.

PPS Copies go very quickly because I only invite and allow a few people to get a copy at a time.

PPPS Remember, this is a genuine and reliable system that has been working for me for many years! I have perfected the system so it is now more profitable than ever!


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