Winning Horse Racing System

“The Cleverest and Most Successful Betting System Ever Invented - 40 Years In The Making and Is  Now Available To YOU!”


Let The System Make You Happy This Racing Season and Beyond!

When it comes to getting the best out of life some people have an advantage.


Whats their Secret?

Find Out NOW!

A successful horse racing investor reveals the secrets of making £760+ per week (at level stakes of just £30) tax-free investing on horse racing.

"I am not going to make you a millionaire but I will make you a genuine tax-free second income every week!"

Having spent the last 30 years investing on horse racing I have developed an incredible sure-fire system that makes profits on a weekly basis. Now for the firs time ever, you can discover how you can make £760+ per week at level stakes of just £30.

Please read through this offer not only once but twice with a clear head so that you can fully appreciate the opportunity that I can currently offer YOU.

Please let me explain. For years works long hours in a job I hated just to keep a roof over my head. I was driving to work in a beaten to death rust bucket car. Back then I could only dream of a better life, one filled with riches, freedom and enjoyment. I read every self help and business manual I could lay my hands on. I was desperately searching for the proverbial key to the vault that would allow me to live a richer, happier life. They all promised the world, but all failed to deliver.

I can say with 100% confidence that I fully expect each of he investors who join my system to make at leat £760 each week from the system bets. thats an average that my current clients have made to stakes of just £30, over the last year.

I am certain that you would appreciate making a very substantial second income over the next free weeks, months and years.

There is a genuine legal way you can make a great deal of money, simply by investing on the right horses in the right races. I hear you say thats its been impossible so far and that you have had promises before from lots of advisors and they have never delivered the goods as promised.

My approach isn't magic. It has taken me over 40 years to perfect and belly me, I know how to really make it pay.

It has taken me over 30 years to analyse all the prices from the bookmakers and to digest all the other relevant information available. for example, when a favourite is really a favourite and when a favourite is worth opposing. This is a vital part of my system as hate backing favourites and much prefer searching for value odds. Most of my selections odds are over 3/1, so if you are fed up backing favourites and are interested in making £760+ each week, then please read on and take up the special offer I have for you.

The systems selections work all year round on all codes of racing - Flat, National Hunt and All-Weather.


Using the bets from the system will bet you banned from the big three bookmakers.

However this is not a problem - there are many ways round this!

I want you to understand what the system I have developed could do for you!

Real Financial Independence

A New Car

A Holiday

Even a new home…whatever you aspire to in life!

Make your life and you family life easier!

This is a real offer for YOU to benefit from the vast network of bookmakers across the country and on the internet.

My system has taken such a lot of hard work and effort that I would never sell it in large quantities. how ever what I am prepared do at this time is to release the system to one person per post code area.

Also I prefer to run a personal approach so you can text me anytime with any questions about the system

Why not get the most out of your life?


4 Good reasons to get your copy

1. It is easy to start with small stakes then gradually build up as your confidence in the system increases
2. Start making a regular second income and who knows one day soon you will be able to go full time and just rely on the money you make from investing
3. With the internet and telephone accounts you can operate from the comfort of your home. All you will need to do is spend a few minutes everyday to find your selection then place your bet .

4. The profits are yours to keep - there are no bets on my behalf. The only money you will ever have to outlay is you annual subscription.

Let me show you how to make a tax-free income in the next 12 months. you will love the thrill of taking the bookies to the cleaners and collection huge profits!

I can now offer you my system at a very special price

Special Discount

Over 75% off the normal coast. Prices only guaranteed to the next 50 customers



Upon receipt of my system you will receive by return of post your full welcome pack consisting of the full system which is an in depth easy to understand manual plus a full staking plan.

Plus your will also be entitled to a very special FREE GIFT:
An a special ante post gamble. One bookmaker is really marking our card with this one and at a double figure price it must be backed as soon as possible!

Questions and Answers

What if I don't know much about horse racing?

You wont need to. It is easy to find the systems selection.there is no confusing information JUST THE HORSES THE THE SYSTEM THROWS UP AND NOTHING ELSE.

The systematic approach will finally take your betting up to professional level, ensuring that every bet you place is the strongest horse n the race.

Streamline your betting activities to fill your day with fun and relaxation….yet still make more money in a single day than most people make in a week. Let the system do all the hard work of you!

The system is perfect for busy parents…and people who want to play more and work a lot less.

Just place your bets by phone or internet and make money without leaving your home. Sit in your comfy armchair and bet without missing your favourite TV programmes. this is truly the lazy persons way to riches!

How much can I make from investing on the horses using your system bets?

Most importantly all profits are tax free and the simple answer to that question is that potentially there is no limit to the amount you ca make. Most of my members place a bet of £200 on each selection. If you had done this last year you would have made an average of over £6000 per week throughout last season.

Achieve a strike rate of 70% on bets at an average price of over 5/1. Just follow the system bets.

You can make over £2000 each and every week by staking just £100 on each selection or over £4000 staking just £200 on each selection.

You should enjoy, even welcome bringing risk into your life! Use the system as a springboard topple your money making activities into overdrive!

The system bets will instantly eradicate financial worries from your life and puts you back on the fast track to enjoying your life.

Prepare yourself for a substantial profit producing business venture

Throw away your crystal ball…forget hunches from your mates dow the pub.


Heres how to propel yourself into the ranks of the professional investor! simply start from as little as £10 on each selection and see your money grow!

When can you get started?

Right Away!

As soon as payment has been received your system will be posted to you in a sealed plain covered envelope.


"What a great way to make an amazing living! great results and profits. Keep up the good work! many thanks."

"Brilliant results. i cant believe how this system has changed my life. working hard is a thing of the past and I am doing all the things I once only dreamed of."

Thats only two of the massive pile of testimonials I have received from ecstatic clients which are fully available for inspection at anytime.

Are these people any different to you? No they are just normal folks like you and me who are so blown away by the results they have had with this system. They are only too happy to put their names to testimonials like those above. It takes a special kind of product unlike the ones full of hype and hot air) to inspire this kind of response.

Discover the amazing secrets of making lots of tax free money and never worry about working again!

How can I make a bold and daring statement like that? Thats easy. I know the power of what I have here. these are the exact secrets, methods and techniques I use every day to pull in my fabulous year after year income. they must work or i wouldn't eat live or pay the bills! This makes me keep my eye on the ball, my skills razor sharp….and makes the secrets I use the most cash rich bag of tricks available anywhere.

This is hot stuff…

But….if if thats not good enough for you….

Remember the special discount - over 75% off normal costs

Prices only guaranteed for the next 50 customers

You must join NOW!

Despite the ridiculous low price do you still think its a lot of money to pay for the system?

I do hope not, especially when you consider the amount of money I've invested in the discovery of these secrets. Charging in access of £100,000 would not be an exaggeration when you consider the systems winning potential. Especially when you consider the thousands of hours in testing analysing and comparing thousands of different techniques strategies and systems over the last 30 years I have had to do.

You will be shocked at how fast the money starts pouring in! Whats more….

Once you start winning and using bookmakers money like I have, you will instantly step into the realm of the professional investor, stashing away £500, £1000….even £2000 a day to relative small stakes. This will be so effortless it will take your breath away.

Isn't that what you want? to know with clinical surety that the next time (and every time) you walk into the bookies onto racetrack or place a bet on the internet that you'll be walking away clutching a handful of £20 notes?

Of course it is!

This is tax free money too!

I have chosen this particular time to release my system to the public to coincide with the potential financial mess the country is currently facing. I feel that a massive helping hand can be given to you by following my system. this will help you navigate through these troubled waters and come out the other side bolstered by a substantial amount of money. the money you earn is yours to spend as you choose but I would advise to to get some good financial advice about the best way to invest your winnings. There are many good books available about investing.

I urge you to hurry if you want to take advantage of this offer! There are just 50 copies currently being released at this time and I expect them to go quickly.

Remember … there are only 50 places and they will go FAST!

PS Remember when you join my service you'll also receive two additional gifts (worth £349.95) these are yours FREE, as a gift from me to you as well as your welcome pack.

100% satisfaction, No Quibble, No Risk Order Form

Yes I wish to start collection big winnings from my bookmaker on a very regular basis.

I fully expect to receive my starter pack and two free gifts within 7 working days.



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